Thursday, May 9, 2013

Feedly vs Bloglovin?

The switch from Google Reader to a new reader hasn't happened for me yet. I'm not the type to rush into things like this and when the announcement came out and a ton of people moved in the first couple of weeks, I sat back, watched and listened to what others were saying about their experiences with their choice.

I've done research into the 2 biggest and most popular options

and Bloglovin
It doesn't seem that either option is perfect. While from what I read, both platforms are fairly easy to import your reader list into but they both also have cons that make it hard to choose which way to go.

Feedly sounds like the perfect option for me but with one big doesn't work with Internet Explorer. I've used IE forever and while I do use Safari on my IPhone I've tried Firefox and don't really care for it. And I won't touch Google Chrome for anything.

The biggest issue that I have with Bloglovin is that only the most recent 3 unread posts on a blog show up. That is a real pain in the *&%$. Life with young kids means that I don't always get to check in and reader others' blogs.  And what happens when say we go on vacation? I "lose" all those older unread posts in my reader? Not acceptable.

Most of the options available besides these two sound to be seriously lacking in features from what I've read.

Do I'd love to hear from you....which one did you choose and why? Do you like it so far?

I need to get switched over soon, hopefully by the end of the month at the latest, and hearing what you have to say so far will really help me make up my mind.
Thanks bunches!

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  1. I use feedly, but we have waterfox/firefox- my husband made me move to that last year though I went along kicking and screaming :-) just kidding but I liked IE..... I'm somewhat getting used to feedly, but don't LOVE it..... sometimes pictures don't show up when I preview so I have to open in a new tab.... and often because of that I browse a lot more now and don't comment as much, oh well :)

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    1. Oops! That is what I meant...Bloglovin. Bloglines was years ago the most popular choice, way before Google Reader came on the scene.

  3. I've switched to Feedly, and like it so far. I have an ipad, and use Chrome on my other computer. I especially like it on the computer, you can open or preview posts easily. The ipad app doesn't allow you to put a label on the post, just save it, which is annoying.

  4. Glad to read different thoughts on the 2 (major) readers. I haven't switched and can't make up my mind. I totally agree that it's awful that only 3 unread posts show. I am NOT tied to my computer/smart phone and sometimes I've had oodles (7-10) unread posts. I always do catch up... eventually...

  5. I meant to say 7-10 unread posts PER blog! And I read hundreds of blogs!

  6. I usually read blog posts on my iPad because of the convenience of the iPad. i use an app called FEEDDLER (not Feedly although I do have Feedly on both my iPad and laptop.) FEEDDLER provides an option to star a post so I can read later. Also offers a list view of unread posts or a list of ALL posts.

    I have poked around on Feedly and Bloglovin....not crazy bout either.

    No problems for me with Chrome on desktop nor Safari on iPad, never use IE. I think readers will continue to change and by the time Google Reader actually disappears there may be even more options.
    Technology is always changing.

  7. I am trying out a lesser-known service called The Old Reader. It shows full posts - unlike Bloglovin. I like it! It took a bit for my subscriptions to be imported (they didn't want to overload their servers, I think). You might want to give it a try.

  8. You need to get over Internet Explorer. I quit using it years ago and now I'm glad I did. Change is hard but IE has a lot of problems. I'm using Bloglovin' but It is buggy. Posts I've read keep coming back as unread and it dropped one of the blogs I follow completely. I'm hoping it improves. I don't have my own blog though. Your situation is different. Just my 2 cents.

  9. I switched to Bloglovin and it's as ok as I suspect I will find. I just want to say that you do not lose any unread posts from your fav blogs. You can click on any of your favs in your list and bring up all their posts.

  10. Yeah I want to reiterate what Dawn said above. You definitely do not only see 3 posts per blog and then lose them. I have been happily using bloglovin for a while and trust me many MANY blogs I follow have 8 to 11 unread posts. I hate to say it but of the hundred or so blogs I follow bloglovin says I have 679 unread post. The only problem I have found with it is I like it better on my computer than on my tablet. For some reason I can see all the blogs I follow on the computer and on my tablet the list is MUCH shorter.

  11. I do think when you first sign up for bloglovin you have to be careful on what you set your preferences to. That might be why some people say you can only see 3 posts. They may have unknowingly set their preferences to that.

  12. I haven't made the change for my own blog yet, but I have been following other blogs on Bloglovin and like it.

  13. Hi Sis! I switched over to Bloglovin a few days ago and I don't see only the three most recent posts.
    I think everyone has made valid points but for me,I won't leave IE. As you know, my business is largely Microsoft based. I have had reason to use the other engines periodcally and found that all of them have pros and cons. It's personal preference.

  14. I've had more than three unread posts on Bloglovin :) One of the blogs I hadn't caught up on actually had seven unread posts. The only thing I don't like about Bloglovin is when you comment on some blogs, the navigation bar disappears. I've found that if you push the browser back button it will reappear though! I've never tried Feedly. I prefer Firefox, but that is only because my father is a HUGE computer guy and he always insisted on us using Mozilla Firefox. Good luck on choosing :)

  15. I agree with what everyone else said. I use bloglovin and I am currently reading post 5/6 unread of yours. I use firefox. I actually like bloglovin now that I have gotten used to it. Even more than google reader, but I am not an experienced reader person. GR was the first I used and BL is the only other. I like the navigation, and I can scroll through my unread posts in order, or click on a specific blog and catch up on just that blog. I am currently 137 posts behind thanks to being away so long. :)My husband went with feedly. I didn't even try it. Everyone I read seemed to go with bloglovin so I did too. Good luck whichever you go with.


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