Sunday, May 26, 2013

Thank you Christa!

I love receiving emails like this one.

"Congratulations Michele! You are one of my weekly winners for the pack of Aurifil Threads."
Christa's Year of Giveaways
That great news came from Christa of Christa Quilts Wednesday afternoon as part of her Year of Weekly Giveaways. My package arrived yesterday afternoon. Look what was inside.
Gorgeous, yummy rainbow colors of Aurifil threads. I love them all, especially the variegated ones.
My long time readers know that I have a THING for all things rainbow hued. This pack of lovelies even looks great next to my rainbow colored pin cushion.
I'm no where near ready to open these beauties yet. I just want to stare at them for a while. But an idea for what to do with them is starting to develop so they probably won't stay wrapped up for too long.

Thank you so very much Christa! I am thrilled with them and I appreciate it very much.