Monday, April 8, 2013

Report: 1st Quarter Crafting By the Numbers Report

My long time readers will remember my crazy "Crafting By The Numbers" project from last year but those of you new to my blog can read about it (if you want to of course) here. You see, I'm do accounting in my professional life so numbers are a part of my everyday living and I got to wondering early January 2012 just how much time I spend pursuing my crafty endeavors. So I decided to keep track.

I've been keeping track this year too so here is my 1st quarter report. January wasn't too bad, all things considered. Sunshine had surgery mid month and then got bronchitis and a sinus infection right afterwards so the fact that I did anything creative was a miracle in itself. 11 days out of 31 = 35%
February was better as you can see. Lots of icky weather outside and more than enough projects to work on gave me plenty to keep me busy during the cold winter days. 14 days out of 28 = 50%
March was not as great, though certainly not all that bad either. Unfortunately not fun stuff like doing tax returns sometimes has to take preference over sewing. 10 days out of 31 = 32%
The 1st quarter of 2013 works out to 35 days out of a possible 90 = 39%.

You are likely wondering why I am even bothering doing this crazy exercise. Like I wrote above, insane numbers things like this get into my head and I need to solve the riddle for myself. Plus I know that from last year's exercise, my mood is directly connected to how often I am able to get into my studio and let the creative juices take over. Looking back after some particular difficult weeks and whether or not I was able to have some Me time really is telling on how I feel and how high my stress level is.

With my new-to-me long arm arriving later this week and the 4 teacher quilts and Joey's 100 Good Wishes Quilt needing to be done in the coming weeks, it will be interesting to see how the 2nd qtr results turn out.

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Rachel said...

LOL, I totally thought about this the other day and wondered if you had just done it for 2012 or were quietly continuing...LOL...I am glad to see it "back" and you are doing a great job!

Rachel said...

P.S. Doesn't shopping for a long arm count as craft time? LOL

No Stopping said...

Love this idea! I'm a numbers person too as I teach AP Statistics. I'm going to start keeping track. And with my online Stat class ending I know I'll have more time for crafty stuff.