Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Are you wishing for a long arm machine too?

There are a lot of places online to shop for a used long arm machine and frame, some are good deals and others not so much. I don't understand how some sellers think they can get practically "New" prices for a used machine. If they think that potential buyers can't figure out what a totally new machine and frame would cost they are living in La-la land. As a buyer I would certainly expect that a not new machine would cost less than a New one direct from the factory.

Anyway, the reason for this post is that if you are dreaming of owning a long arm machine yourself, I want to give a shout out to the Hinterberg owners Yahoo group, which can be found here. It is the home for those of us that have a Voyager 17 machine (and a few that have the Indigo 19" machine). There is a database on the site where current owners list their machines for sale, 99% of the time because they are upgrading to something bigger and/or with more bells and whistles.

If you are considering purchasing a machine for yourself, this would be a great and much less expensive way to start. The Voyager 17 machines are true work horses that have proven their worth time and time again. And the Hinterberg frames just can't be beat. These machines hold their value well so if you might want to upgrade in the future, you'd still be able to sell it for a good price.

So go ahead, join the group and check out the used machines listings. There are a couple of recent ones there that would be a great deal for anyone. The members are really helpful to us long arm newbies as well as the seasoned veterans. Having support in this endeavor is so important so that you'll always know there is someone available to help should you ever need it.

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Carol said...

Thank you for sharing all your research.I joined the group and it's packed with great information! I'm finalizing my machine purchase this week:)

Anonymous said...

Forums and blogs are the BEST and quilters live to help other quilters, don't they????? I am as excited about your purchase as you! (jumping up and down!) Sharing is what we do....for sure! Great post!!!! Hugs, Doreen