Monday, April 15, 2013

She's here!

Saturday turned out to be a beautiful day for a road trip. As I drove the skies cleared and the sun came out. The journey was definitely an enjoyable one and the scenery along the way was breathtaking. Lots of beautiful countryside and old stone houses to admire everywhere.

We arrived just about 11am, took a look at all the pieces we had to deal with and set to work loading it all into the Iron Tank, as hubby calls his vehicle (don't ask me why; I have no clue). Everything fit with plenty of room to spare. The poles didn't even hit the dashboard. It's good to know that I can fit 10 foot poles in here with no problem but 12 foot poles would have been another story entirely.
As soon as we finished loading, I payed the sweet gentlemen and we left his home, we were both starving. Lunch was in order. About a mile away, we came upon this adorable place and it turned out to be a great choice. If you are ever in Souderton, PA it is called The Local and I highly recommend it.
While we were in the area, I also had the extreme pleasure of actually meeting one of my blogging friends in real life! Ann of Orange Crumpled Napkin lives in the area and we met up at Bryne Sewing Connection. Here is a picture of Ann and I.

What do you mean that doesn't look like me? Really? I did put my camera in my purse as I got out of the truck and told my sister that I wanted her to get a picture of Ann and I together. But once we got inside, got to chatting and shopping, that thought totally flew right out of my head. I didn't remember about taking the picture until Ann had left and we were getting back in our truck. Boo hoo! Oh well, next time for sure Ann.

I have to tell you that Wow, this is a great shop. And once I got home, checked out their website and read their newsletter, I wish that I lived closer to it. There are so many great classes and other events being held there, many more than at my local LQSs. If it is within driving distance for you, I suggest that you check it out. You won't regret it.

I finally arrived back home yesterday right about lunch time. The kidlets were so happy to see me and I was extremely happy to see them. Being away a little bit of time was so good but I did miss them a ton.

So you want to see what my new toy looks like? Are you on the edge of your seat with excitement?
Well, I won't make you wait one minute longer. Here she is!
Disappointed? I know. I'm sorry. But tax season this year has kicked my butt and I wasn't able to get my studio painted before I headed out to bring her home. Trust me, she won't stay like this in the basement very long. I don't work tomorrow and I'll be getting that room painted speedy quick and as soon as the paint dries, she is getting put back together.

The former owner was very generous and even hooked me up with this storage bin filled with lots of goodies....thread, extra bobbins, pins and more pins, zippers for the leaders, a fat foot, and bunches of other things that I can't remember at the moment. As I had wondered where I'd find the space to keep all the thread that I will soon be buying, this turned out to be will fit loads of beautiful threads and it will roll under the frame for storage.
Yes I'm itching to start playing with my new machine and I won't have to wait much longer but the painting has to be done first. Doing it later and having to wrestle the frame around to get to each wall would have been a big pain in the arse. Taking the couple of extra days to make the room pretty before I set up my new toy is a much better decision. Hopefully before the week is out, I'll have some pictures to share of my new and improved studio.

9 of you added your own colorful comments:

Tina said...

I second every single thing that my sister said about this trip! We had a blast and it was so much fun to meet Ann and visit a "new to us" shop. Many thanks to the lovely ladies at Byrne Sewing Connection for being so friendly and helpful.

beaquilter said...

yay you got it and super about extra goodies! now go paint.. or are you half way done already?

Rachel said...

LOL, I SUPPOSE we can "watch the paint dry", LOL....Happy for you! Sounds like a fun trip!

Needled Mom said...

Oh yeah! I can't wait to see it all set up.

Michele said...

I wish Bea, I really wish. I have to work today and then I have to finish one more tax return when I get home. I only got the info 2 days ago and when I started to work on it last night, a key bit of information was missing. Hopefully I'll have the last piece by the time I get home and can get it done quickly. Then I can start wrestling all the furniture around in my studio. Painting will commence in the morning after the kidlets are off to school.

Michele said...

Absolutely Rachel! Waiting between coats will be touch but I'll likely start bringing the frame pieces upstairs and start putting together what I can while I wait.

Heleen Groot said...

I completely understand your frustration. I have the perfect solution for you: You could also decide to go old-worldy and just hang quilts on the walls.... Two advantages of this strategy? No painting and a reason to make more quilts. Oh, and it would help insulate your home..... All good!

Orange Crumpled Napkin said...

Great post, and I LOVE the picture of us together. You got my good side in that shot! Saturday was a perfect day and it was so good to meet you and Tina. Byrnes is worth the trip to Doylestown, PA, which turns out to have a real artsy Main Street. Thanks for taking the detour to meet me on your way back and have fun with your new toy.

Valerie the Pumpkin Patch Quilter said...

Congrats on your new toy, looks like you got some great goodies with it too!