Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mad Binding Rush

No time, no time.
No time to chat, no time to read blogs let alone write comments, no time for pretty much anything else.

I'm in a mad binding rush this week, to finish the 2 quilts for the school's annual silent auction fundraiser dinner this Saturday. They need to be completed and handed off to the event's coordinator by Saturday morning.
I just received them back from my long arm quilter Sunday afternoon. Five days to completely bind and label 2 quilts is a daunting task.

The 1st one is done. I sewed the binding onto the front Monday night and then did the hand sewing on the back during a marathon 4+ hour session Tuesday while watching the Harry Potter movies. I have yet to actually watch the entire series and I'm determined to do just that while doing the bindings on all the quilts I have to get finished this spring season. Thankfully I don't work on Tuesdays so it was perfect timing to get this task done.
I prepared the label last night so now all I have left to do is to sew it on and take the pictures.

I got about 1/2 way done with sewing the binding on the 2nd quilts' front side before I called it quits last night. 
As soon as I pick up the kidlets from school this afternoon, I'll be back at it and I'll keep working tonight until I can't keep my eyes open any longer. Keep your fingers crossed for me and hope that last night's crappy sleep (thanks to Miss Sunshine) won't have me nodding off early.

Tomorrow is NY Shop Hop day so if my quilting cohort will agree to drive, I can work on the hand sewing part while we travel. I have yet to do my local shop hop and while I'll probably not get to all the shops, I'm not missing out on the chance to see some of them that I haven't been to before.

Wish me luck and other than my work day, pray that time flies by for me SLOWLY! I'll need all the help I can get to pull this off.