Saturday, November 17, 2012

Crafty project - Dry Erase Board

I've wanted needed a dry erase board to help keep track of my quilting projects for a while now. Of course I didn't want any ole boring, plain dry erase board. I wanted a great fabric covered one.

During a few trips to the local craft and big box stores I scouted out the basic boards available to check out sizes, prices as well as construction so that I could figure out what would work for me and how I would make it more Me.

Once I got home, I hunted the web for ideas. There are tons out there. But the one that caught my attention the most was the one that made use of something I already had here at old picture. Repurposing something older and not being used any more is my kind of crafty endeavor.

I started with this picture. It is an old Home Interiors print from many, many years ago that I don't love. My style of decorating has changed so drastically in the past 5-10 years and this just doesn't fit in any more. But now I'm really glad that I held onto it because it is perfect for this project.
One thing I can say about these types of prints is that they are a bit better constructed than the cheapos available most places these days. The back wasn't attached with those flimsy tabs that break off too easily, it was attached with screws. 
This is what it looked like deconstructed. A very heavy back board, the frame which although is plastic it is thicker and beefier than most, the glass and the print board itself, again a bit thicker than usual.
I thought I wanted to use this fabric for the new look but when I tested it under the glass with some writing on it, it seemed a bit too busy and the writing didn't show up so well. 
I auditioned a bunch of other options too.  
Once I chose the winning fabric, I put a couple of coats of Calico Red craft paint over the frame to cover the brown. I was really tempted to use a different color, that I didn't have in house, but since I was determined to not spend any money on this project, I went with what I had on hand.
I cut the chosen fabric 2 inches bigger on each measurement to allow for wrapping to the back side and tested the fit.
This next bit was done inside the garage, with the door open, as the glue I used produces fumes I didn't want inside and is flammable, so no doing this in the basement near the furnace.
I sprayed a mid-heavy coating over the entire back of the print.
Quickly flipped it over and smoothed out the wrinkles and bumps.
The excess was wrapped to the old print/new back side and glued down the same way. Since the edges and corners would be inside the frame and not visible, it wasn't necessary to make them all pretty and perfect.
One more flip back to the front to check for any further adjustments necessary and this was ready to let dry.
Once the glue had fully set and dried, all I had to do was reassemble the entire piece. As you can see in the close up of the corner, I chose the red paint to bring out the red in the small print of the fabric.
Here it is all completed. It is now hanging right above the light switch in my studio, in the narrow area between the door frame and the closet frame. This size fit there perfectly.
Now here comes my big question. I'm not sure about the paint color. I am second and third guessing this. I considered using the blue in the print but I didn't have any paint that color/shade. I also considered white and now that is the color that I'm wondering if I should change it to. For some reason the red isn't singing to me.

So here is where I need your help. Please! What would you do?

1) Leave it as is
2) Repaint it white

The room itself is still the plain white builders flat paint but it will be getting painted after Christmas, once all the craziness of the holidays are over. I've picked out a really pale yellow/cream shade to give it just the barest of color, keep it cheery and not interfere with what I see when I am looking at fabrics.

I'd really appreciate your input here. Hearing what you see when you look at it will help immensly. Thanks bunches!

8 of you added your own colorful comments:

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

What a great idea. You have to be happy and if it is not "singing" to you change it! For me, I love red and would have picked that color anyway.

Unknown said...

I like the red, but like Jane said, if it isn't speaking to you. I'd try a blue.

Janarama said...

I personally love the red. What I would do is wait until you paint the room to see what it looks like then. It might sing to you after the room is painted. If not, then paint the frame another color.

Sandy D said...

I am a red lover so my vote would be the red. I love your idea.

Janet said...

What a wonderful 'reuse' project. I like the red but I think the blue would give a different feel - more calming - and it sounds like that is what you are trying to achieve in this room, so as not to detract from choosing fabrics.

Samantha said...

Red is my favorite color so I'd have painted it red but I agree with Janarama, maybe wait until you get the room painted and then decide. :D

What a great way to reuse an old picture!

Vicki said...

As some one else said I'd wait until the room is painted. I am assuming (correct me if I'm wrong) that the "keeping track" listing is of projects that need completion, so my other consideration would be how "in your face" do you want your to do list to be Do you want it to be so prominent that any one coming into your space will see it or something that only you has to know is there oh and how close is it to your fabric stash or design wall that it would interfere with say auditioning a border

Rachel said...

I agree with Janarama, wait...if it doesn't sing with the new wall paint, repaint it then! I happen to love it as is, but I don't have to live with it...LOL