Saturday, November 3, 2012

Nominations needed!

I am so, so sorry but I think I confused ya all yesterday when I asked for your vote in the Blogger's Quilt Festival.

Yes Amy is taking votes right now for Viewer's Choice, which I think is what most of you did and thank you very much for your vote


Amy is also taking nominations for all of the Favorites in each category.

That is also what I really need your help with.

Go here to view the nomination form.

The easiest way to do this.....take a piece of paper and write down each category. Then start browsing through all the entries. If you see a quilt that you think would be your nomination for a specific category, click on the picture and you will be wisked directly to the blog post about it and you can read which categories the quilter has entered it in.

Make a list of all of your nominations and when you are through, fill in the nomination form and click Submit. It is that easy.

Remember, my Tribute to Danny quilt is entered in the Favorite Bed Quilt category, the Favorite Group or Bee Quilt category and of course you can nominate it again with the Additional Entry category at the bottom of the form. It is #169.
Nominations are being accepted through Nov 4th (Sunday). Then the voting for your favorites in each category will take place Nov 5th - Nov 8th and the winners will be announced on Nov 9th.

So please help me get this very special quilt nominated in at least one category. Having quilters applaud the heart felt contributions of so many wonderful people would truly warm my heart.