Monday, November 5, 2012

I Made the Finals!!!!!

Or more accurately WE made the finals!!!!!!!!!!!!
I came home to read the awesome news that Tribute to Danny is one of the finalists in Favorite Group or Bee Quilt. I am so very excited that my heart is racing like a thoroughbred.
Now I need every one's help again with the final voting for the winners. Please, please rush over here to cast your votes in all the categories for your favorites. Again, Tribute to Danny is a finalist in Favorite Group or Bee Quilt.

Voting ends at Midnight on Thursday, November 8th so hurry and get your vote counted!

And thank you again, not only to everyone that nominated this quilt, to those of you that are voting for it as the winner but to each and every quilting friend that listened to my request for help and sent a block (or 2 or more) my way to make this quilt, and the companion Remembering Danny quilt, a reality.