Saturday, November 17, 2012

It's almost here!

Are you getting excited? I know that I am! The big Modern Mini Mystery Round Robin reveal day is almost here.

Monday, November 19th is our giant celebration party and the showcase of all the great mini quilts that went literally around the world and back home again.

We had 30 participants in all, 2 people were in 2 groups, so there will be 32 finished mini quilts. Of the 30 ladies that sewed borders and then mailed them off to the next person for the past 8 months, 23 are from the US, 3 reside in Canada, 1 lives in France, 2 are in England and 1 is down under in Australia.

Here is the list of the ladies that will be sharing their mini quilts with you on Monday.
Deonn - Quiltscapes
Wendy - Why-Not-Kwilt
Bea - Beaquilter
Pippa - Pippa's Patch
Madame Samm - Sew We Quilt (hasn't received her quilt back home yet, hopefully very soon)
Celine - Espritpatch
Leslie - Les Quilts
Doris - Made By a Brunette hasn't received her quilt back home yet, hopefully very soon)
Margaret - hasn't received her block back yet, will be posted here when it arrives
Michele - that's Me - right here at Quilts From My Crayon Box

You won't want to miss it. I know that I can't wait to see how they all turned out.

12 of you added your own colorful comments:

Samantha said...

I am excited to see them all too!

Unknown said...

I can't wait! It'll be fun to look for my contributions in the other quilts!

Melinda said...

Trying to get mine done in time!!!!

beaquilter said...

yay! do you know that when I hove rover the quilt names they turn white-disappear?? can't wait to see the others

Kathy said...

Michele ..I am excited to see what everyone has been up to with the mini round robin but I wasn't one of the participants. I wish I had been but I think I just missed out on it. You silly,silly goose.

Michele said...

You and me and I think all the other participants.

Michele said...

Absolutely Lisa. I can't wait to see what got added after my additions.

Michele said...

Don't worry about it. It doesn't have to be finished.

Michele said...

Oops! So sorry Kathy. Wrong Kathy. Thanks for seeing that. It is all fixed now.

Michele said...

Hmmm. It didn't do that when I tried it.

Rachel said...

Can't wait! The names do turn white (for me) when I hover, but if you click, it takes you where you need to go.

Diane-crewe said...