Tuesday, November 6, 2012


You can certainly tell by my October Crafting By The Numbers progress calendar just when my machine arrived back home from the shop! The 2 days of sewing prior to the 12th were on Abby, which was much harder overall than when I work with my Lucy.
Once I had Lucy home, I sewed as much as I could, considering I was still working some late days and the kidlets had a lot going on themselves. All in all, crafting was accomplished 13 days out of a possible 31, or 42%. Considering that 35% or about there seems to be my typical percentage, I'll take this.

My year to date total so far is: 110 days out of a possible 305, or 36%. There are a lot of projects that I want to work on or finish (keeping my fingers crossed) by the end of this year so I'm going to hope that the percentage goes way up by then.