Sunday, July 22, 2012

Problem....Some research and an idea = Solution

What might all of this be for, you ask?

I'm a person that has a problem and somehow, someway works, researched and think until I find a solution.
The problem? This!
 This is Sunshine's pile. I forgot to take a "before" picture of Jammer's pile.

We've pared down the "guys" but there are still a bunch the kiddos want to keep. No problem. They aren't the type of kids to pile them all on their beds. But having them sitting along the walls of their rooms or taking up an entire shelving unit just doesn't work either.

So what are we to do? Research time. Online I found this cool idea.
Great! I'm all about using vertical space as much as possible. Cost? $13 plus shipping, for plastic chain and clips no less. Too much, too much.

So I checked out the local Toys R Us to no avail but they did suggest I try the home improvement stores. Hmmm. Interesting thought.

After stocking up on essentials at the grocery store, I stopped at Home Depot and a very nice salesman helped me with my project. I bought (2) 6 foot lengths of metal chain (one for each kidlet's gang), 30 of these metal and definitely stronger clips and a pack of split rings to attach the clips to the chain. No doubt this will hold up so much better than the plastic version would have. Total cost? $30, less than 2 of the plastic ones with shipping included.

Within minutes, those piles on the floor became this

and this.

A huge improvement if I do say so myself and hopefully they will stay off the floor now. As I was brought up and strongly believe....a place for everything and everything in its place!

4 of you added your own colorful comments:

Melinda said...

Very cute! I'm just trying to get my 10 year old to give some up and get them to leave the house!

Annie said...

Awesome solution! So they'll see one that they think needs a bit of a hug and a bit of lovin, take it down......and then you think you won't find it on the floor later? least that's where I would have found it all these years ago. LOL But it is a fun display, isn't it!

Terri said...

Cute idea!

beaquilter said...

what a great idea, I might have to STEAl, hmm borrow that idea :-)