Saturday, July 21, 2012


When I started this blog, I made a wish list page to help me keep track of all the quilty tools and fabrics that I coveted to own. Well I eventually deleted the page because I'm sure no one was interested in it and many of the fabrics weren't available any longer.

But now I have decided to resurrect that page, if only for my use and reference. I want to try FMQ and I'm finding there are some things that would help with that. And I've seen one quilt line that I must, must have once it comes out in Sept and if I don't put a picture of it somewhere, I'll forget. I missed out on her last fabric line (learned about it way too late) and I don't want that to happen again. I so love her lines! Plus it will give me incentive to save my fabric $$$ for the lines that I really love instead of those that I just like.

Of course, if you have any suggestions of other things that I should add to my list, I'm all eyes and ears.