Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Spices of Life

This is definitely a blog devoted to my quilting adventures and other crafty pursuits but I also sprinkle in a little smidgen of other interesting tidbits every now and then. This is one of those that I just needed to share. Besides no one can ever claim that cooking is not crafting.

Cooking for the ones you love is the Spice of Life and truly good food demand good spices. The very best spices I have ever used (and have only used now for a lot of years) are from Penzeys.

Honest people...the seasonings and spices from this family owned company are top notch and hands above anything you'd ever find in the grocery store. They are no more expensive. I can't tell you how many times I have told someone to close their eyes, waved a bottle of their garlic powder under their nose, and watched their expression of WOW come across their face. So much better than the store bought stuff by far. The fact that I now have a store reasonably close by and don't have to pay for shipping any more makes be happier beyond belief plus I get to sample all sorts of new offerings. I have an entire drawer in my kitchen devoted to them plus my refill bags almost fill a 2nd drawer.
Yes they are labeled except a couple (got to get the labeler out and fix that problem) and they are in alphabetical order. I like to be able to find what I am looking for and not have to search for just the right one.

This company's products are THAT good. They have loads of basics like Oregano, Basil and  along with terrific blends that just beg to be sprinkled over everything. The Galena Street Rub is our favorite. Plus they have great ones not found in every store such as Vietnamese Cinnamon, the very best in the world. Their cocoa turns my holiday cookies into extraordinary masterpieces. And don't get me started on their Double Vanilla. To die for! 

If you need a really terrific unique gift for a wedding or any other reason, their gift boxes can't be beat. Not only are they filled with a variety of their products but they use Bay Leaves, Cinnamon sticks and whole Nutmegs as their packing materials. Very cool. So go check them out and order some goodness to spice up your cooking today. You won't be disappointed, I promise.

I am not a Penzeys employee or am I affiliated in any way, shape or form. I just wanted to spread the word about products and a company that is just that wonderful.

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Sallie said...

I love Penzeys!

Karen said...

I love Penzeys too. I am always trying there new products. I love their coupons.

Sheila said...

I loved the RW&B hop, I'm sure this one will be just as much fun to follow. Can't wait for it to start!