Thursday, July 19, 2012

274 vs 1422?

The dang numbers fanatic in me got to wondering yet again while I was taking my shower. What about this time?

The price of thread!

I typically buy Gunterman at Joanns with a coupon or when it is on sale. Until recently I couldn't even get Aurifil locally, let alone any other of the "better" threads. If I ordered it over the web, by the time I added shipping, it would be a lot. Plus I didn't want to order a bunch of it to find out that my machine doesn't play nice with it.

Now my favorite LQS is carrying it plus I can get all the colors available by getting it through them when the place their order so no additional shipping costs to tack on. Terrific!

Now I just need to make sure I like it.

But which is actually more economical for me? This inquiring mind needed to know.

The larger Gunterman spool is 250 meters, or 274 yards. On sale and with tax it costs me $2.69. That is $.0098 per yard.
The Aurifil sells here with tax for $11.88 per spool. It has 1300 meters, or 1422 yards. Per yard it works out to $.0083 each.

I know I am talking pennies here, or actually less than pennies, but over time those partial pennies add up and any way I can find to save money on this expensive obsession of mine is a good thing.

So as long as the Aurifil and my machine play nice together, I'll be using it for the most part from here on out.

3 of you added your own colorful comments:

Rachel said...

Have you tried the Essential Cottons from Connecting Threads? LOL, JUST saying!!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I us the CT threads - and on a huge sale right now. I like the Essential for all my piecing and use the Pro line for FMQ - get the cones when they have a 40% sale - stock up for the year. I wish they got a verigated line in - use YLI for that (again pick up locally when on sale). Not one of my machines would work with Aurifil - so get one spool to try out before buying a lot.

Unknown said...

There are only two types of thread I will ever use, Aurafil and Connecting Threads.