Monday, July 16, 2012

I blew it!

I swore a number of weeks ago in this post that other than 3 specific needs I wasn't going to purchase any more fabric until summer was over. I have plenty of projects to keep me busy for quite a while.

Well I did buy the fabrics I needed for the Tribute to Danny quilts and the Fruitcake quilt bits that I was missing. I still need the backing and binding for the baby girl quilt though and will shop for that once I get started on that one.The swap was postponed so that one got crossed off my list.
But then I went and bought a bunch of other fabrics that weren't on that list. I just couldn't resist! Michele at Quilt Kit Market was still having her going out of business sale and with the huge discounts, the prices were ones that are unheard of these days.

Two weeks ago I placed another order with Michele (great name she has ya know). For a whopping $43.20 plus shipping I got 4 charm packs, a layer cake and a jelly roll. All of that for less than 50 bucks! Regular prices would have been about $118.

But then I got an email from her at the end of last week that suggested I might want to check for any yardages I might need for backings for future projects. A yard of fabric for $3.60! Rare indeed. No one can pass that up and I didn't. But inventory was low so I didn't go hog wild.

My new order consisted of a trio of kits and 3 1/2 yards for one of those future projects on my To Make list. What did I spend this time? A grand total of $38.40 plus shipping. Really it was impossible to pass up kits for less than $10 each (with backings included no less). I just wish there was more that I could have gotten at those prices.

So I'm confessing and begging my wallet's forgiveness. I will work really hard the rest of the summer to not spend another dime. Thankfully hubs hasn't said a peep about my spending and I don't think he has ventured to inspect just how much is in my stash but the accountant in me feels the guilt and I'm promising here and now to reform. At least for the next 6 weeks that is.

5 of you added your own colorful comments:

Diane-crewe said...

BUT you had to have the fabric for future projects.... and it would cost tewice as much OUT of the sale... and fabric is always needed... and fabric does not make you put on weight... and x

Cherry's Prairie Primitives said...

So you have to think of it as you got a great deal and couldn't pass it up because of the super great savings!!

Rachel said...

Sounds economically sound to me, JUST saying...

Wendy said...

Obviously, the fabric needed to come home with you ... its meant for something special and you just don't know it yet :) :) Enjoy!

Linda said...

Pretty hard to pass on those prices. You sure have lots to keep you busy during the next six weeks!