Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Pretty in Pink

What should I make a neighbor friend who is expecting her baby girl in March? A girly quilt of course. After having 2 very intense and rambunctious boys, said neighbor is overjoyed that this new little one is a girl so something warm and cuddly is in order to welcome the precious darling to the world.

This will sew quick I thought. What pattern? Well I'll use the same pattern I used for the Loving Sunshine quilt. It pieced together lickety split the 1st time. I still have some of those charms left over and by adding a few from my stash, I will be all set. Peachy! Does anyone even say that anymore? I am trying to keep it clean here ya know. But over the weekend my darn brain started thinking (which isn't always good because sometimes I can come up with some really outlandish ideas). Don't I have a pretty decent size stack of pink squares of various prints and shades from last year's New Jersey Shop Hop? Yup, I sure do. Well ain't that just perrrrrfect! Now don't get me wrong. I do like Pink and I wear it often but the likely hood that I would have found many other ways to use these squares up is slim at best. So a Pretty in Pink quilt for the little miss it will be.

Brake! Swerve. The plan shifts onto the detour. Previously decided pattern woullllldddddd work but I don't feel like doing the same thing. I want to do something totally different. Fast's Sunday evening. I hauled my 2 giant and overfilled binders full of saved patterns downstairs and started flipping the pages. Next thing I knew, a page jumped out and landed smack dab on my lap. Which one has the audacity to be so bold? The Disappearing Nine Patch table topper that I saved from a Moda Bake Shop tutorial. Bold little pattern! I guess it has been lingering too long in that book and got tired of me just glancing at it. It screamed to be made. And so it shall.
3 by 3 makes Nine patches. And 3 Nines by 3 Nines makes 9. Put this one with those ones and move the other one to that set. The group over there looks great together but this one? Blech! Me no likey. A little cursing under my breath (the kidlets are within earshot) and Dag-nabit! Me thinks mixing these up into the perfect combinations is hard.  I will succeed. I will succeed. Little pieces of fabric will NOT get the best of me.

Tomorrow is another day and I'm tired of their bickering anyway. A few of these bits aren't playing nicely together. I think some of them need a time out and to learn how to get along better. By the time I am able to return to them on Friday, they should have learned their lesson and be more willing to cooperate. I have no time for fabric that is just being persnickety. A baby is coming soon and it's cold round these here parts.

3 of you added your own colorful comments:

Sparky said...

Ohhhh baby is a very lucky baby...and just want to swim in that color don't you ? LOVELY collection and look what you got done already ....mmmm I am sew impressed...with two wee ones underfoot( well I know they were at school) ....still lol

Melinda said...

I likey! That color pattern is going to be great!

mitts said...

I sew enjoy your writing it says so much about you and the style is totally unique, please don't stop blogging, I just have to keep coming back for more!
Thank you and I cannot wait to see the 100 Wishes quilt with its yellow border.