Sunday, January 15, 2012


In the slow sorrowful style of a deep, rich baritone voice we hear:

"L O N E L Y.....we're so lonely!"

"We arrived a little over a week ago but she hasn't touched us since she took us out of the box."
"And the poor pink squares there haven't gotten any more attention either. She stacked them in their neat little piles and they have been waiting patiently every since."
"We guess that all the house guests that have been coming and going over the past couple of weekends must have something to do with it. First it was all those family members, over 20 we think there must have been, raising all sorts of loud noise and bedlam. But the house did small terrific with all that food cooking downstairs. Then that person she calls her BFF (whatever that means) and her family have been here all this weekend long. It sounds like they are having a grand time, but we want some attention too. We want to be loved and sewn together and created into something wonderful."

"Perhaps later this evening, once the last of the guests head home, she will be able to make time for us. It sure will be nice to hear the sewing machine humming along again."

3 of you added your own colorful comments:

Barb said...

You must have had a fun holiday then...!!! Maybe when the house is all quiet tonight you might be able to get one stitch in.

beaquilter said...

oh what a shame.... the pedal wants to be stepped on, the fabric wants to be touched, the iron wants to get warmed up.... instead they are ALL neglected.... poor thing... hopefully they WILL get some love tonight :-)

Linda said...

Here's to getting some sewing time and cutting into those lovlies.