Friday, January 20, 2012

Help Me Name My Brother!

No, not my 50 year old sibling! He already has a name.

I need a name for this Brother.
I have been her mostly happy, proud owner for 2 1/2 years now and she still does not have a name. And although she is a Brother, she is most definitely a SHE. No HE machines in this house thank you very much! So help me out here by making some suggestions. Pretty please.

What sort of name do you think would suit her to a T? Does she look like a Lucille (or Lucy for short) after my maternal grandmother? Or does she look more like a Loretta (my paternal grandmother)? Or perhaps I should give her my original name? When I was born I was named Lauren Marie, but 3 days later it was changed. I have always loved the name Julianna and wanted to name Sunshine that, but C didn't care for it. He preferred Sarah. Of course, we didn't name our daughter that either.

So you can see, I'm not sure what name to give my girl. And she needs a name. I'm tired of calling her "my sewing machine". That is too bland and sounds so unimportant. She is very important to me and I want to give her a name befitting her status in my life. I'm looking for creative solutions to my dilemma so please offer up your best ideas. There may even be a little giveaway to someone once the winning name is chosen.

Happy Friday to all of you. I get to not work today and hopefully will get to sew some this afternoon. I do have to go buy some fabrics for the teacher quilts project and that will most definitely be fun. With all the bitter chilling weather here lately, anything fun helps keep the winter doldrums at bay.

2 of you added your own colorful comments:

Linda said...

I call mine Baby, but my other fav name would be "Lola"

Diane-crewe said...

my daughter has a Brother that she calls Marion...because it reminds her of my mother (her gran!!) best not ask why! She loves them both VERY much lol xx