Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pink Progress

A little birdie tapped me on the shoulder and told me about the post my fabrics did yesterday afternoon. Silly fabrics! They certainly have a lot of spunk to reach out to all of you for sympathy and comfort.

Yes they were right in that I have been overloaded the past few weekends with guests. First my family's Christmas celebration, which had to be postponed from the previous weekend because my sister was in a car accident (she is ok) and then my BFF and her family were visiting this weekend, plus the kiddos also had a play date here in the afternoon. Needless to say that I have really been looking forward to some quiet time to arrive and to get back to some sewing.
I did finally manage to get a log a little bit of progress on the pink baby quilt. The strips are complete and my next step will be to sew them into the Nine Patch blocks. While I would have loved to have had enough time to do that during this sewing session, I'm just glad I got some sewing time in at all.

Since the Christmas tree and the other holiday decorations will finally be coming down this week, who knows when I will be able to get back to this. At the very least, I can look forward to some time over the coming weekend. Our calendar for those days is blank so keep your fingers crossed for me that nothing will get added and I can work towards getting this top completed. 

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