Friday, January 20, 2012

More bundles for the teacher quilts

Since I last posted about these projects, I've received a number of bundles from the class families.


I have no idea why Blogger insists on uploading these 2 pictures in portrait mode when I took them in landscape mode. That makes me crazy. You too?
These are the ones I picked out for our family.
And these are the ones I picked out for another family; the mom asked that I get them for her since she has a new baby in the house.
Blogger issues aside, this is what I have so far. This stack is for the Head Teacher who's favorite colors are Purple and Green, Construction Paper Green to be exact. 
 And this is  the stack for the Assistant Teacher who likes Royal Blue and the same Construction Paper Green.
But now here is the zinger since I started the planning for these quilts. The Assistant Teacher quit. So what am I going to do???? There are now 2 assistant teachers for the remainder of the school year. My current plan is to make 2 smaller quilts, one for each of them but should I make both of them Blue and Green, somehow making each one slightly different or should I make one of them Blue
and the other one Green?
Last opinion question for least for this post....I need to buy one coordinating fabric for each of the quilts and I originally thought I'd get white or some other neutral. But now I'm not sure. What would you pick to go with this bundle for the Head Teacher?
And what would you add to this bundle if I do both colors for the 2 Assistant Teachers?
or if I do Blue for one
and Green for the other one?
I know all these questions must be confusing so here is a summary of what I'd like your thoughts on:

1) Assistant Teachers-2 quilts using same pile of Blues and Greens? OR One Blue quilt and one Green quilt
2) What coordinating fabric for the Head Teacher quilt
3) What coordinate (s) for the Assistant teacher quilts based on your answer to #1 above.

I'm a Libra and sometimes have a hard time making decisions when there are multiple options so I typically ask for opinions and that is what I'm hoping you can help with here. June and the end of the school year will be here before I know it, so I need to get these projects into high gear very soon.

2 of you added your own colorful comments:

Diane-crewe said...

myself I would do 1 blue and 1 green...for the co-ordination colour I would see what she she a quiet dresser? Go with neutral ,is she flashy..go with brigt MAYBE PINK OR SOMETHING VIVID. i FORGOT THE 3 RD QUESTION!!

Diane-crewe said...

ok re-read the question...... same answer as for the head teacher xx