Friday, October 26, 2018

Marylou's Log Cabin quilt

My customer Marylou certainly has been busy lately piecing a bunch of quilts.  As happened last time, when she picked up her Baby Animals quilt, she dropped off this Log Cabin variation one for me to quilt. It's also to be a gift for a new baby girl.
The quilting went smooth and it was on and off the frame the same day.  :)
Choosing which pattern to use took me a little while as many that I thought I would like for this quilt I rejected once auditioned.  I finally settled on Fire Flower and I'm pleased with the effect.  Thread was Glide Pink on the top and So Fine Lilac on the back.
I really like the block placement for this quilt and I'm very temped to make a version of my own using scraps, which of course I have an abundance of. (don't we all?)
But that idea  will have to wait as more customer tops are in the queue to be quilted and I have a few other projects in the works that are further ahead in the "To Make" line.  Some day though.