Monday, October 22, 2018

Eiko's Peach Girl Quilt

The 3rd of Eiko's quilts for her grandchildren is this interesting scrap and Peach one.  I don't know which block this is but it utilizes a lot of scrappy variety.
Here's a before picture of it on my frame.
I wanted to share a close up picture of the blocks.  There are a ton of bias edges and thankfully while the blocks had a little bit of fullness to deal with, it wasn't too bad.
Here's the completed quilt in all it's glory.  This is a big one, measuring 85" x 95".
As always, I like to do a "texture" shot to show the overall effect better.
The panto Eiko chose for this final quilt was Cascade.  Glide in Military Gold thread was used on the top and Perma Core thread in Bermuda Blue was chosen for the back.
A bright Blue and Green Batik was provided for the backing that also worked well as the binding fabric since there was a lot of both colors in the pieced blocks.
I'm sure Eiko's granddaughter will treasure this gift from her Oda for years and years to come.
Thank you Eiko for trusting me to complete these sweet quilts for you.

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Dorothy said...

I love that "star" block. Can you ask your client where she got the pattern/or if there is a name for it? Looks like she used the Tri-Recs rulers for the sharp star points, but I can't figure out how she put the block together. Help please.:-) Very nice quilting on your part--bias or no bias. You are the pro :-)

Michele said...

Hi Dorothy. You are coming through as a No Reply Blogger so I can't reply directly to you.

Kate B said...

This is gorgeous! Never would have used a peach as the main/solid ... But gee it SO works! <3

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

What a beautiful quilt - that block is really cool!