Friday, September 27, 2013

Flights and Fantasies Quilt Show Part 1

Last Saturday was spent enjoying the sights of beautiful quilts amongst a fantastic setting at the Flights and Fantasies Quilt Show held at the New England Air Museum. This is the 2nd year of this show and it is the brain child of Jackie Kunkel of Canton Village Quilt Works.

My friend Alana went with me and we only had to travel 2 hours to get there. It was well worth the trip. Just as we got inside and were paying our admission, Jackie herself came out to the desk, I quickly introduced myself (I had warned her that I was coming) and she gave me a great big hug. It was the perfect way to start the day. 

We arrived just in time to see Jackie's trunk show. Yes I took a ton of pictures and I'll share with you some of the better shots. I will tell you though....seeing these quilts in person is so much better than seeing them online.
This is her Desert Sky quilt.
This one is the Christmas Celebration Tree Skirt. If I didn't already have a tree skirt that I love, I'd definitely be making one of these for myself.
I love the colors in this one. This is Jackie's Summer Solstice quilt.
And this is Judy Neimeyer's Summer Solstice quilt. It is fun to see how the fabric choices changed the finished look.
The detail in the precise points and the gorgeous quilting is just jaw dropping in this Thistle Pods quilt.
This is the first quilt we saw upon entering the quilt show. Can you say W.O.W? I'm in awe of this Mariner's Compass quilt and I dream of being able to make my own version some day.
I just had to show you some of the details.

This little heart quilt was simply adorable and I love the echo quilting.
Another really cool quilt with the color placement.
Some of the quilts were tough to get great pictures of but I still think you can get a good idea of just how wonderful they were.
This one was from Judy's A Touch of Spring pattern. I like the color selections.
I'm not into applique but I can appreciate some gorgeous work.
Very cool wedges.
Lots of bright color always catches my attention.
This is all Asian scraps and I love the effect.
Another awesome Judy Neimeyer pattern rendition.
More jaw dropping detail. Can I hope to be able to do this myself at some point?
The tri-color illusion of this one is very interesting and the color scheme reminds me so much of Danny's quilt. I have a feeling that the color combo of Red, White and Black will always do that.
The whimsical nature of this one is really appealing.
The quilting design is one that I'm going to remember for the future.
I hope you are enjoying the eye candy. Stay tuned for Part 2.

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