Sunday, December 2, 2012

I love my mailman

Because he brought me these!
My excitement upon having these on my doorstep when I got home yesterday was over the top! This rather large-ish box from Fat Quarter Shop was pretty heavy because it contained all of the backing fabrics that I purchased on Black Friday. Take a gander at this pile of lovelies.
All told there is 24.25 years of fabric that I paid a whopping $96.30 for. Now that is my kind of shopping! With the exception of the Veranda yardage (that quilt isn't even started yet), all of the others are backings for the UFOs that I'm going to actually quilt myself (a first for me). I really am anxious to get working on it but they will likely have to wait until after the holidays are over. There is way too much going on during the coming weeks.

While that 1st box was fun to open, the 2nd box was the one I was holding my breath for. This one is from Julie at The Intrepid Thread. Inside were two beautifully wrapped bundles (sorry forgot to take a picture in all my excitement). Just look at these to-die-for gorgeous fabrics!
My cherished Bella by Amanda Murphy! Seeing the images of this line online was exciting; seeing this fabric in person is so much better. It is nothing short of spectacular. I love each and every print equally. There are a few designers that I do love...Kate Spain, Deb Strain, Sandy Gervais to name just a few, but typically I don't love every single fabric in every one of their lines. But with Amanda's lines that isn't the case. I always want all of it. Her designs are absolutely terrific and the colors are so perfect. There isn't one fabric in her lines that I wouldn't buy.
This massive stack of lovelies will become a quilt for our king size bed. Yes I am rather petite but hubs is 6'6" so a king bed is a requirement in this family, not a luxury. And with 2 kidlets typically crawling in the middle sometime during the night, it does tend to get pretty crowded quick.

Now I totally understand when other quilters say they pet  caress their beloved fabrics. I find myself doing that now with this fabric. The feel is so luxurious and wonderful.
All you fabric hoarders out there will be shocked to learn that I actually can't wait to cut into this stack. Yes it is so beautiful to look at but it will be even more beautiful made into a quilt for our bed. The shame is that I don't have the time at the moment to actually get started on it. I have way too many other projects that are much higher on the priority list. So until then I will spend more time enjoying its gorgeousness but hopefully before long, they will be cut and pieced together into something even more gorgeous to snuggle under.

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Diane-crewe said...

how wonderful to have so much new fabric in one go xx good for you x Have FUN xx

Sarah said...

Oh WOW! Two huge Fat Quarter Shop Boxes. All Christmases have come at once! I'm still waiting for my Black Friday purchases from there (I'm Australian) and they will be smaller (international shipping etc) but I'm so excited. Also from Southern Fabric. Can't wait!! Merry Christmas to me! Once it only took 8 working days for my package to arrive from the FQS. Amazing! I love looking at fabric ranges and patting them too.

Rachel said...

Nice! What pattern are you making the king into?

Rachell said...

Wow. I agree- these are just lovely, with the colors just peaceful and pretty and the designs are interesting and wonderful! Amanda is so talented.

Vicki said...

Beauties all Have you a pattern in mind?