Friday, June 8, 2012

Shopping Hiatus

Guilt. Lots of guilt. I have it in abundance. Over all the money I've spent in the past 1 1/2 months on my quilting obsession. Being an accountant and keeping the bottom line in mind isn't always a good thing.

Besides as I mentioned before and realized more clearly when I did my mini clean up of my studio last weekend, I have plenty of projects and stash to keep me busy for a while.

So I've decided that with a few specific exceptions, I'm going on a shopping hiatus for the summer. Of course I made this resolution after I bought a few more goodies last Sunday. I heard about a going out of business sale at Quilt Kit Market from Kristen and just couldn't resist helping her clear out her inventory. I bought this full size Sophie by Chez Moi kit for a whopping $35. It will be a good quick project to have on hand for the next unexpected gift needed.

This kit was also irresistible. How could I not like something Halloween- that is this cute? It will be the new  decoration on my front door this fall.

What else did I indulge in? Well....I bought this Tropicana Batiks jelly roll for $27. I just love the combination of colors in it and might already have plans for it.

Lastly I added a little something to my order for a future giveaway prize though I'm certainly not going to tell you what I chose . In total I spent just under $100 but it was still $100 that I didn't need to spend. Yes I will be happy to have these beauties but more guilt also came with the "Pay Now" button.

My plan? Try hard, really hard to be good through Labor Day.  My Quilting To Do List has been updated with all the projects I have ready to go or are in the serious planning stage and the only purchases I will be making outside of this hiatus are specific ones that I need for 3 of the items on that list.
One of those "needs" is some yardage for a Christmas quilt. I finally decided what I'm going to do with the Fruitcake jelly roll that I won from Kristen last fall and I needed to get the rest of the coordinated fabrics before it disappeared totally since it already scarce. Last night I found what I wanted at Sew Fabulous Quilt Shop for $4.50 per yard. At least I got a great bargain.

My other allowed purchase will be: 1) Backing and binding for another baby girl quilt due over the summer 2) 4 yards for a swap I'll be announcing soon and 3) Sashing, border, backing and binding for the Tribute to Danny quilt, due at the end of July. I'm actually hoping the quilt shop in his home town will actually donate some/all of this.

There is a motive besides just keeping my guilt at bay and wallet closed. I hope to attend the big quilt show in Philadelphia in September and if I do get to go, I want to be able to spend as close to guilt free as I possible can.  These 3 specific projects are far from the only ones on my list. There are actually over 25 plus another 9 stacks of precuts in my stash that I have yet decided what to do with. Hopefully if I can be successful and only work on that which I already own, I'll be able to enjoy my fall and shop to my heart's content.

3 of you added your own colorful comments:

Kristen said...

I am with you!! As I mentioned in my recent post, I have so much in my sewing room that I have lost a project in it. I have GOT to stop buying, what with piles of yardage and precuts everywhere. My only exceptions will be backing, batting, and notions/thread necessary to finish a project. I am going to plan a similar post as I inventory my sewing room and projects list. I'm quitting my job effective July 6 and staying home with the kids for the summer so I have to be more frugal than otherwise (even though my Honey refuses to put me on a budget).

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Oh, those sales are so hard to resist - says I with 4 large new boxes that arrived thru the week. But I go thru a lot of fabric, so it has to be a replenishing to inspire the creativity.

Diane-crewe said...

good luck! seems the min I say .. NO MORE .. something comes along AND... you know the rest! lol x