Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Guiding Young Discoveries

This is the final reveal of the teacher quilts. It too has been given tonight to its new owner. This one is named Guiding Young Discoveries. This beauty was for the lead teacher. She is represented by the very center purple rectangle and the rows of color around it are each of her students. Plus each of the pieced blocks around the center log cabin also represents one of the students.

The bright sunshine doesn't show the colors their very best but it still looks pretty cool if I say so myself. The pieced backing was the first free-flow, whatever-comes-to-me one that I've ever done and I do like the result. It was a bit of a tackle because after cutting off strips to save for the scrappy binding, I had a variety of sizes and shapes left. I just winged it and pieced them together until it was big enough.

The labels actually were put on the front of this quilt in the white center blocks at the middle of the very top and bottom rows. The top label had the name and a great poem that I found online. The bottom label had the school's name and the school year dates along with the names of all the kids in the class, along with my name, the name of my long arm quilter and the date. 

Again my quilter used green thread on this one in another swirly design (she knows what I like so well) and it broke up the big areas of white just enough. She truly understood the meanings behind the fabrics and the blocks so together we chose to not overdo the quilting and let the blocks shine instead

When the lead teacher opened the package, she started to cry immediately. Exactly as I expected her to do. I don't think in all her years of teaching she has received a gift nearly as precious. I had to laugh of course when she said "this is why you asked me what my favorite colors are".  As I said before, I wasn't sure how these colors would work together and how this quilt would come out but when it is all said and done, I'm very pleased with it.

Finished size is 86" x 81". Along with each of the quilts, the teachers were given a scrapbook. On each page is a picture of a student, a quote from the student about what they like most about that teacher and a piece of the fabrics contributed by that student's family to the quilt. This way the teacher can match up the quote and fabrics with each block in their quilt, similar to the 100 Good Wishes Quilt tradition. 

Making these quilts has fulfilled a need for me, to truly thank the people in my child's life that has such a profound influence on him. In this country, most teachers aren't appreciated as they should and I didn't want that to happen to my son's first teachers, the ones that would start the shaping of his school experience for years and years to come.

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  1. What a beautiful quilt. A very wonderful gift for the teacher that will be treasured. You are an inspiration,

  2. They all came out so lovely! Great job!

  3. Teachers have taken quite a beating this year by the media and by the politicians. It's been tough on them and spirit crushing. Your beautiful quilt just healed a thousand cuts. Any chance you can get this in the news? Teachers everywhere need to hear that they are loved by the parents.

  4. Both my daughters are teachers, I know how hard they work. This is so wonderful of you to show how much you care. I believe this one is my favorite! But I did say that about the others too!

  5. Good Golly Miss Molly! The last I saw it was "Winner winner chicken dinner" and now I almost missed the reveal of all these fabulous teacher quilts! Each and every one is nothing short of beauty! My mother was a primary grade teacher and I know how many additional hours at home she put into her work. I love them all!

  6. All three of these quilts are just wonderful! So much work! Such treasures! The teachers should REALLY love these beauties.
    I can almost hear the huge SIGH from you as you completed this huge project. Take a well deserved break, Michele!

  7. you have done really well with these quilts xx well one x

  8. It's wonderful! Such a special gift. Awesome job!

  9. Wow! It's a fantastic gift! OK, Quilt is nice (as all yours) but the added value to it, all these well thought details - fabric donated by students, the names, the blocks for each one... makes the quilt such a special, personal gift, way beyond a quilt! I would cry as well, you know... Both my parents were teachers and I worked in school for some years as well so I know, how much teachers need some cheering up, and this one definitely is a fantastic way to do so!

  10. You are so right about people not appreciating their teachers. God bless you!

  11. wow! All three of them turned out great! Lovely samplers, wonderful colors. I know you were a bit worried about the one with all the colors, but I think it turned out fantastic!
    And I sure hope the assistant teacher and her new baby will love that quilt!
    Last month, when I made the little quilt for my little guy's teacher and presented it to her in class, she was amazed, and so were her assistants. One even wanted to know how I made it! I was amazed that my son was in her class for 2 1/2 years before I knew I shared a connection with the lead teacher--her teaching degree was originally in Home Economics, just like me. Then she found another love in special education for early childhood. I just love her! She confided in me that she was definitely taking that quilt home for the summer with her to love and show off--no way was she leaving it in her classroom by itself!
    Way to go, for sharing something so special with the class, parents, and the teachers and helping them feel special for all they do!


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