Edge to Edge designs - Level 3

Level 3 designs - $.025 per square inch

Can't decide or having trouble deciding between a few designs?  Tracings on clear plastic of all designs are available which can be placed on your quilt top to give you a preview of what it will look like once quilted.

A Tisket a Tasket


Bean Sprout


Brenda's Tulips

Butterfly Vines



Chevron Feather

Deck the Halls

Fall Foliage

Fay Feathers

  Feather Wave

Feathered Curls
Feathered Roses


  Flying Paisley

Forest Floor

 Funky Feathers

 Garden Frills
Holly Berries
Love Dance

Maple Syrup

 Paisley Playtime


Ruffled Flower

 Shell Shock


 Star Spangled All Over

Sweet Hearts Petite

 Trick or Treat

 Twirling Feather
Tying the Knot

Whipped Cream

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