Friday, December 30, 2022

Sandy's Mountain Skiers Quilt

Along with her Batik Mountains quilt, my client Sandy also brought this wonderful Mountain Skiers top for me to quilt for her.

It started out as this fabulously pieced top.

Sandy had a unique request for the quilting.  She wanted vertical freehand wavy lines of varying widths similar to the quilting I had done on the sailboat wall hanging I stitched earlier this year. Her intent for the quilting was to have it mimic the lines in the snow created as skiers made their way down the mountain.

I loaded the top sideways on the frame to make stitching the wavy lines easier.  It worked well.

The thread used was Glide Linen on the top and in the bobbin. Sandy was thrilled with the result.

Quilting is always fun when my clients bring me such interesting projects to help them finish.

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