Thursday, December 29, 2022

Sandy's Batik Mountains Quilt

I truly enjoy the variety of tops that my clients bring me to quilt for them.  It certainly keeps the job interesting.  This is the batik mountains quilt that I helped my client Sandy complete.

This is how it looked before being quilted. The large variety of batik colors and prints she used makes this quilt visually dynamic.

I believe she told me these blocks were paper pieced.

Sandy was sure of the look she was going for and quickly chose the Modernish pantograph for this quilt, along with Glide Sterling thread for both the top and in the bobbin.

The stitching design definitely kept with the modern vibe of this quilt and kind of reminds me of waves of wind as they pass along the mountains' peaks.

Sunshine helped me out with the photo shoot outside where the colors showed much more vibrantly.

The backing was a solid gray which showed off the stitching.

We both love how this turned out. 

Stay tuned to see the other quilt Sandy brought me to stitch for her.

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