Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Quilter's Public Service Announcement - Massdrop Quilters Dream Cotton Select Batting

I received an email announcing a current deal over on Massdrop for Quilters Dream Cotton Select Batting.This is a mid-loft batting. The lowest price of $44.99 with Free shipping has already been unlocked.
You can pick from the following set combinations:

1 Queen and 1 Twin size battings
1 Queen and 2 Crib size battings
1 Crib and 2 Twin size battings
1 King and 1 Crib size battings

You can also purchase them in White for $6 more.
I haven't tried this cotton batting yet but since I've used the Quilters Dream 70/30 Blend a lot in the past and love it, I'm expecting that I will love their cotton batting too. Here is the link to their webpage for all the details about this cotton batting.

I don't know about where you live, but this is a great deal compared to what I can buy this for locally so I committed to buy this immediately. The drop is active for 5 more days so don't wait.  Click on over and get yours too.

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KatieQ said...

Thanks for the tip Michele. I have never tried Quilters Dream so it was a good opportunity.