Saturday, February 7, 2015

My Friday

I woke up from a weird dream that was a little unnerving. This is what it said on my clock.
Ugh! Really way too early to get up.
But my bladder was telling me otherwise.
Ok, ok. So I listened to it.
Afterwards, do I climb back in the warm bed and try to go back to sleep?
My sinuses thought not.
They were pressure filled and the only thing that helps is to get myself vertical so they can drain.
This isn't uncommon....the time, the bladder and the sinuses , especially in the winter.
Though usually it is at least 4 am when this happens.
Blarg! So I was up.
First cuppa and sat down at the computer.
Got caught up on reading over 200 blog posts and commenting on many.
Nearly 5 am and the 2nd cuppa. 

Multiple tissues used so far and sinuses still "funky".
Got the crew up at 6:15 am and out the door about an hour later. It was -7 outside! Major burrrrr!
Then it is just me until almost 3 pm.
Friday is typically laundry day so I sorted and started the 1st load.
Got dressed and headed into my studio.
First plan of the day was to finish cutting up the Red scraps into mini charms
 Then onto sewing together the Red Rainbow Scrap Challenge block.  Done and done.
I had some bigger pieces in this color so I cut some of it into charms.
I can always cut them down more later if needed. 
I didn't count them this time but the stacks are taller than the Yellow and Orange ones and those have over 300 each.
Not bad Scrap-O-Bustin progress so far.
I didn't have to worry about having enough different fabrics for each of these.
Since I made both a light and dark in each color along the way, I don't have to make any more.
I'm sticking to the rainbow shades only.
No Brown or Black allowed in this time.
Now I get to work on the layout for these.

Next on the plan was to cut the blocks for the next 100 Good Wishes Quilt to be made for a friend's daughter.
That didn't happen.
I had about had enough of cutting the scraps but I forced myself to push through and I'm glad I did.
Other than the smaller under 2 1/2" wide bits left, I'm done with 3 colors.
Totally worth it.
And I had to sew patches on Jammer's scout uniform shirt.
PIA btw.

I need to shop for the White on White fabric for the sashing.
 A trip to the LQS is planned.
Last night was Jammer's first Pinewood Derby race.
He and Daddy-O did a nice job of crafting his car.
 They worked together on the plan.
Daddy-O did the grown up tasks but Jammer did the rest.
He is a huge Nascar fan, knows all the drivers, the sponsors and the tracks.
No surprise at all as to his finished design.

He came in 2nd overall!
Nicely done buddy!

Today my Girl Scout Daisy troop attends World Thinking Day.
 They will each get a passport and "visit" 18 different countries to learn something about that country and the Girl Scouts there.
 They will receive a fun patch for their vest for participating.  I don't know if they will get this one
 or this one.
Afterwards Sunshine and I are headed to the LQS for the aforementioned White on White fabric and to find the perfect fabric for the sashing for her Primary Bee Quilt.
Those blocks are ready to sew together into a quilt top.
I wish I could stay home after this and hide in my studio.
But I can't. :( :( :(
Tonight is the annual fire department banquet.
It always snows or it bitter, bitter cold.
Of course the guys are all in suits.
But the gals all wear cocktail dresses and fancy shoes.
Can you say FREEZING?
The wine usually helps to warm me up. :) :) :)

Tomorrow will definitely be a studio day for sure.
Those 100 Good Wishes blocks will be cut and if I'm lucky the sewing together will commence too.
 My sinuses had me awake and up at just after 3am again today.

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Katie said...

Oh hunny -- I know the sinus trouble and not being able to sleep is the worst. Feel better soon. on the bright side you're getting those scraps cut

HeatherK @ A Reformed Heath'n said...

I've been having quite a few of the super early wake -ups lately too. So frustrating, especially when I have my days jam-packed. I'm excited to see Sunshine's quilt. I love bento blocks!

Doreen said...

Early days here, too! Makes for an earlier ending to the day!!! LOL!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

My sleep is off just due to lack of sunshine. And all this cold and snow - yuck! Stay safe with this next major storm. Both my guild meetings have been canceled so I will start laying out all those blocks for our charity quilts and get them into tops.

Tina said...

The sinus and waking up thing is going on with all of us, (your sisters). Ugh! At least you still made a productive day of it. I hope tonight is more restful.

Carol said...

Weird. Why do so many people wake up exactly at 3am?

StitchinByTheLake said...

I hate nights like that! I'm hoping you sleep better tonight. :) blessings, marlene