Sunday, May 11, 2014

A World of Quilts show and Giveaway Day is coming

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of meeting up with my friend Liz in Somers, New York to see the A World of Quilts XXXV show. There were a lot of nice quilts to see and a bunch of fantastic vendors to shop at. Because I had a time limit to be there I was amiss and didn't photograph the quilts' labels I can't tell you the details on each one but I still thing you'll enjoy seeing all the beauty.

This one was fabulous to see in person. I believe that it was part of a texture category and you can see that it won a ribbon.

This was another ribbon winner in the texture category.

This is a pretty traditional quilt but...
The quilting on it is truly stunning!
This one was very cool. I believe it was in an improv category and you can see that it won a ribbon.
This quilt was made up of thousands of tiny bits of fabric. Just fantastic results.
I love the successful shadowing on this quilt.
The picture doesn't do this quilt justice. The details are breathtaking.
Lots of bright colors in this one.
This is another quilt that you needed to see in person to truly appreciate all that went into it's construction.
You can just say Wow for this quilt. It won multiple ribbons, deservedly so.
This quilt is a very effective way to use scraps in a different manner.
Love, love, love this one! So striking with all the tiny black lines.
Do you immediately think "very funky" when you see this quilt? I do.
But look at the detail!
This is another really interesting design and it does well at making it appear 3D.
More fabulous quilting detail.
This design is really interesting and I could see it done in a variety of other color schemes.
I hope you enjoyed the glimpse of this year's show in Somers. If you have a chance to attend it next year, it is certainly worth it. Liz and I had a blast shopping the vendors and maybe next time I'll be up to spend a little more. 

And if you aren't aware and so you don't miss out, tomorrow is the big day. It is the bi-annual Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day! 
You won't want to miss out on your chance to win some great goodies. There are typically hundred of participating bloggers offering up something to give away. It will really run all week so make sure you check out all the blogs. I've got an extra special giveaway planned so don't forget to come back tomorrow morning.

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Mary Marcotte said...

I loved the show...those are some beautiful quilts. Thanks for sharing. I'm visiting from AMB, but I've followed your blog for a while. I enjoy your beautiful quilts and find lots of inspiration in them.

Dawn said...

Thanks for sharing the photos. Awesome quilts! The 2nd one is just stunning! I certainly would love to see that hanging in my living room....and I don't have s bit of red in my house. lol I would change my decor to go with that beauty. :-)

Linda said...

Wow! What wonderful quilts. Thanks for sharing.