Friday, December 27, 2013

Crafting By The Numbers - 3rd Quarter Report

I know, I know this 3rd quarter report is WAY overdue and I wasn't going to bother posting it at all but since I am a finisher of things I start, I can't not post this.

July wasn't too productive but with the holiday, working 1 additional day per week and attending Vietnamese Culture Camp with Jammer again this year,  there wasn't a lot of available sewing time. I got into my studio 8 out of 31 days, or 26%.
August was just as busy overall with work, life and traveling to Pittsburgh to see family and attend our annual China Travel Group reunion but I did get to do some sewing a bit more this month. Checked days total 11 out of 31 days, or 36%.
September was a bust. Back to school and work bombarded my chances to get much accomplished. I saw the inside of my studio just 5 out of the 30 days, or 17%.
So my 3rd quarter year to date is 102 days out of a possible 273, or 37%. When I checked against this same time last year, I was at 97 days (35%) so I'm just slightly ahead this year. I know that my 4th quarter hasn't been what I had hoped for either but it will be interesting to see how the entire year comes out.

And for those that are wondering, No I'm not going to continue this crazy exercise for next year. Two years is enough and it has certainly satisfied my numbers curiosity as far as this is concerned.

3 of you added your own colorful comments: said...

I'm going to try keeping track this year. I've always wondered how much time I actually spend quilting. Did you just add whole days or did you add up the bits too?

Anonymous said...

I am NOT a numbers type so that exercise was super interesting but................LOL! Hugs.........

DaisyChain said...

Hope you don't mind, but I am going to steal your tracking idea and mention it on my blog. Best wishes. x