Saturday, August 24, 2013

About Stunning Stichin Sunday

I've been enjoying finding great stitchin to showcase and I hope that you have enjoyed seeing all the great inspiration highlighted so far.
I want to explain a bit more about this regular series to help answer questions that have come up.

*Stunning Stichin Sunday is not exclusive to quilting that is done on a long arm machine. It includes any great stichin done on a domestic machine or by hand that I find to share with you. I might also choose to showcase some cross stitching or embroidery though the majority of the theme is definitely quilting.

*In that same respect, it also isn't exclusive to professional quilters. Yes I am including some professionals (I can only dream of being that good one day) but I am also including the non-professionals and hobbyists alike. I think we all have something valuable to share and can all learn from each other.

*This series is focused on showing just what can be accomplished, highlighting great ideas for quilting specific areas of a quilt or quilting a specific style/tone of a quilt whether it be more traditional, modern, abstract or an art quilt.

*Although I would love to have enough for a post every single week, it will depend on how many posts on quilting blogs that I find to showcase and my ability to keep up with blog reading in the 1st place. Another factor is whether or not the quilter actually shows close up photos of the quilting. Detailed, close photos make it so much easier for everyone to see the fantastic work. One additional factor is the speed at which I receive the bloggers approval email to use her/his photos in this series. All of these factor into the frequency of this series' posts. 

*If you know of or find a quilter that has wonderful stitchin that I need to highlight, please let me know. I'm always on the lookout for new quilter blogs to follow that will help me learn and gain valuable tips and tricks to make my own quilting better.

More terrific stichin is to come and you are invited to join me to admire all of the beautiful work created by talented quilters everywhere.

2 of you added your own colorful comments:

Needled Mom said...

I'm sure you already know about Wendy Sheppard at . She does amazing quilting and is in a ton of magazines each month. As well, she is one of the nicest bloggers you could ever want to meet.

I am looking forward to your posts highlighting the works of others.

Sarah Craig said...

Be sure to check out - Sue is an amazing quilter, plus she takes great close-up pictures! I am totally blessed to have an example of her gorgeous quilting hanging on my dining room wall - it makes me smile every time I see it!