Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Coming back from our recent China Travel Group reunion trip to Pittsburgh, I was faced with a giant mountain of laundry to deal with but I'm happy now to say that it is all done and put away! (that last part typically doesn't happen right away).

So what did I accomplish last week besides the laundry? 

How about this?
You don't think that I'm secretly a skilled concrete mason and that I did this ALL BY MYSELF? I'm crushed!
Ok, so I'll fess up. I did have a little help. About 6 guys and the owner of the company. But I supervised. That is something, right?
We've been waiting our turn in line for this patio to be installed all summer. The torrential rain in June and a lot of July really screwed up the schedule and we it finally came our turn.
They started the sod cutting Monday afternoon with the plan to have the crushed stone all leveled and the area framed Tuesday morning. But as luck has it, the hydraulic line on their power buggy blew Monday dinnertime and the torrential rain Tuesday morning really deterred any more progress those days.
By the time they arrived Wednesday morning, the ground was a soggy, muddy mess but they persevered on, the concrete was poured and they had started the stamping when I came home at lunch time to check on things.
The expansion joints were cut, the antiquing was applied and it was sealed Thursday. We were able to walk on it by Friday afternoon.
You say that it kinda looks like a quilt pattern? You don't think that perhaps that was done on purpose, now do ya?
It really turned out great and although we won't have much time to use it this season, we'll be ready to go as soon as the snow disappears next year. I'll get some planting done around the perimeter next month, depending on what will be available at the nurseries, but the majority of the landscaping will have to wait until spring.

I did cut into these Fandango by Kate Spain prints over the weekend but what I'm doing with them will have to remain a secret for the moment. At least it was great to get in a little sewing time finally.
On tap for this afternoon is actually braving the mall with both kidlets without hubs to attempt to get the school shopping finished. Wish me luck. Jammer is so darned skinny, both his body and his feet, that finding things that fit isn't easy. Sunshine's feet are tiny too so that is no easy task either.
No sewing time will be found today but hopefully some will magically appear tomorrow or Thursday.
Have a great day yourself!

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beaquilter said...

When do they start school? we start next Monday.
Nice patio, we expanded the existing one too when we moved in (house was less than 6m old I think) these IDIOTS re-sealed the eold part in 105 degree weather so since it couldn't soak in, it bubbled up and turned all white, the owner just thought I was a dumb woman and I complained later and they came back to "fix" it but only pressure washed it which didn't do a THING, he said the color wouldn't match right away with it being old and new, I knew that but they just messed up and wouldn't admit it!

Uhh I want to see the secret project

Needled Mom said...

The patio looks great! Have fun shopping.

Samantha said...

Gorgeous patio! We have been in our house for 10 years and are just getting to the outside stuff. We bought a fixer upper and after we get the bathrooms done then we are doing a kitchen remodel and then come early spring we get to start on the outside stuff and I am SO excited!

I am gonna forward this link to hubby so he can see this. I'd love to have something like that out our back door.

I had a really skinny brother. Luckily my Grandma was an excellent seamstress who made her own patterns so she made all of his pants and shirts until he hit puberty and started filling out like a normal kid. :D Have fun shopping!

Tina said...

Remember when John painted a quilt star on my deck? Loved that and love your new patio. Can't wait to see it!
Fandango is very, very pretty. Good choice!

Diane-crewe said...

supervisor is THE MOST important job!! thought you knew that xx lol xx

HeatherK @ A Reformed Heath'n said...

Yard projects are always so satisfying to me, too :) Can't wait to see your Kate Spain project. I got school shopping done with my kids this week, too--have fun!