Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Quilt U Be Mine Mini Mystery Quilt

Love, oh the sweet quilters love that has been traveling all around. There isn't much that is better in this world.
This was another great round robin event idea that flew into my brain up last fall, right about the time the Halloween See Saw Swap and the Modern Mini Mystery Round Robin 2012 were winding down.  I'm really glad that the thought came to me as the awesome Valentine's Day themed quilts that have resulted are simply stunning. Overall I declare that the Quilt U Be Mine Mini Mystery Round Robin has been a huge success.

My quilt started with my very first attempt at a Dresden plate, specifically this version is called Empress Fan. It was far from perfect but I was happy enough with it to send it off on its journey.
My mini quilt first traveled to Utah, then on to sunny California it ventured (I'm jealous that it probably got to visit the beach and I didn't) and lastly it hung out in Pennsylvania for a short stay (oh how I miss the cheese steaks from Jimmy's in Philadelphia) before finally coming home to me. When the envelope arrived, this is the beautiful quilt that unfolded to my huge delight.
Sorry for the crappy picture. I forgot to get a shot of it during the day and it is pretty late and dark out now.

I love, love, love this quilt!!!!! It is gorgeous and beyond anything I would have imagined. Thank you so very much goes out to Rachell, Rachel and Ann. You have added amazing additions and I will treasure this quilt forever. And did I tell you that I LOVE IT!
Finishing this quilt for the reveal day was truly my original plan but between a sick kiddo not once but twice and a bunch of other things that required my attention that had to take precedence, it just didn't happen. But trust me, it will get quilted and bound very soon when I get up to the local long arm rental place. This mini quilt is just too wonderful to let it linger folded up in a pile waiting for long.

Each year as I hang this quilt on the wall to decorate for the Valentine's Day season, I will think of and remember all my quilty friends who made this mini mystery round robin such a pleasure to host.
A very Happy Valentine's Day to each of you.

12 of you added your own colorful comments:

  1. Michele, wow your group did an outstanding job on your block!!! Congrats, It turned out beautiful

  2. Ohhh, it's like seeing an old friend, only better...LOL...Love what was done "after me" LOL...

  3. I agree with Rachel, to see everything added after mine. It's amazing!
    I really enjoy the " Dresden love" with the Dresdens around the quilt....really echoes well from your center and creates wonderful movement up and down the quilt.

  4. So many varied styles make a whole! That Dresden border is so gorgeous--must have taken her forever. Love it:)

  5. So many varied styles make a whole! That Dresden border is so gorgeous--must have taken her forever. Love it:)

  6. Michelle this is beautiful so much work in each of the borders WOW
    Thanks for the swap it was lots of fun

  7. It is amazing! All those Dresden plates make an interesting border. I am really pleased with my finish too. This was a great swap. Thanks for coordinating it.

  8. Wow Michele! Those Dresdens look so cool! This one ended up being so much fun!

  9. Oh I've always wanted to do a round robbin. That is fantastic!!
    And by the way, thank you too for your thoughts and prayers. Means so much.


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