Saturday, February 9, 2013

My first pillowcase

Lookie what I whipped up first pillowcase! After I shipped Miss M's 100 Good Wishes Quilt to her, her mom asked if there might be enough fabric left over to make her a matching pillowcase. I checked and the answer was Yes, barely but definitely enough. My BFF had recently made some pillowcases so I asked her which tutorial she liked and she directed me to this one by Ashley at Film In the Fridge.
It was super easy and I love the way it turned out. I used the quilt's border fabric for the main body of the pillowcase and the binding fabric for the cuff.
I love that this tutorial has an accent piece between the pillowcase body and the cuff. For this I used the tiny bit of strip Yellow Fairy Frost I had leftover from the quilt's sashing.
One really speedy project done and now packed up to be mailed out. I know that I'll be making more pillowcases to go with quilts in the future. In fact, before I mail Paisley's 100 Good Wishes Quilt home I asked her mom if I should make one or two for her from the fabrics I have left over (instead of just sending them back to her) and the answer was a most definite Yes. She even requested a pair for her older daughter Piper, so that both girls would have them to match their quilts. She has some leftover fabric from Piper's quilt she is sending to me and once it arrives I'll see what coordinates with that and whip up a few more of these fun and fast pillowcases to send back to them.

If you haven't tried to make a pillowcase before, you should. It was so simple and the end product is super sweet.

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  1. It looks great Michelle, but is it too late to warn you that pillowcases are like chocolate and potato chips. No one is satisfied with just one..... lol Jane
    I see many more in your future.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I appreciate the link, too.

  3. Looks fabulous and I love making pillow cases!!

  4. Very cute! They are a such a great little project.

  5. Wonderful pillowcase. She will love it.

  6. They look lovely and what a great idea. As usual, excellent tutorial from FITF.

  7. It looks great. I have been meaning to make a pillow case to go with my baby's bedding... I need to get on that. ;)


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