Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tagged! I'm it!

I wondered if I would end up having to play this game and it turns out that I do. Melinda over at Tilda's Twisted Life tagged me last week but with all the craziness going on here in recent days, this is the 1st chance I've had to write my post.

She asked and I answer:

1. Musicals or plays? And what are my favorites? Tough one to start. I've actually been in quite a few in my younger years. But if I have to pick I'd choose musicals. Favorites include those I've done: Fiddler on the Roof, Carousel, Music Man, plus others that escape me at the moment.

2. Do I have any "hidden" talents that haven't yet made it into my blog? I've eluded to the fact that I'm a cake decorator, have been for about 20 years now, but I also do counted cross stitch, I have a great green thumb and I've made Ukrainian Easter Eggs.

3. Am I reader? And if so, what am I reading right now? Yes but reading time is scarce these days. I'm in the middle of Peony in Love by Lisa See. I have others by her on my bookshelf as well as some of the Elm Creek Quilters series, but I need the 1st one of that to start with. No going out of order for me.

4. What is my favorite time of day? Again a tough question. I love seeing the sunrise when I get up (though I hate actually getting up) and I love getting to end my day by snuggling under the covers. And not to be forgotten is when I pick up my kids from daycare or school. They come running at me full speed and I get the bestest hugs ever.

5. Do I save the selvage from fabric? Have I made anything with them? Nope and nope. I haven't been motivated to do this yet but one never knows.

6. What is the my favorite quilt that I have made? Jammer's 100 Good Wishes Quilt for sure. It is what started this all. It is mega huge (116" x 130") and I was so proud when the owners of my LQS praised my work. It was only the 3 quilt I had made.

7. What color comes up most often in my quilts? Since I haven't completed a ton of quilts yet, there isn't one particular one that is a predominate theme for me. I just go with my gut when deciding what to use.

8. Do I play music when I sew? What songs get me motivated? Absolutely! I listen to the local country station the most.

9. What is the worst injury I've ever suffered? There are 2 though 1 isn't an actual injury. In Feb 2003 I became sick, sick. For 6 months I was miserable (a long time to feel rotten every day). After a lot of doctor visits, different tests and medications and loosing a pound of weight a month it was discovered that my gall bladder had turned against me. It was not only not working as it should but it was also badly infected. After it came out it was a longer than expected recovery because of the infection but eventually I felt a ton better. The 2nd injury was when I was prepping for our annual pumpkin carving party, hanging decorations in the garage where we do the messy carving, fell off the chair I was standing on and badly broke my left wrist. I am allergic to morphine so the doc in the ER couldn't give the good drugs when he tried to reset it. He shot a local right into the break. Mega Ouch! I ended up having to have surgery to set it properly and I have a lovely plate inside and a beauteous scar as my reward.

10. Do I come from a large family or a small family? Large. I'm 1 of 5. My mom is 1 of 8, my birth father is one of 5. I have 43 1st cousins and who knows how many 2nd and 3rd cousins. When my mom's side has a family reunion there are 150+ of us.

11. Have I always lived in my current home town? If not, how far away do I live from the town I was born in? Nope. And I would never live there again ever. It is small and doesn't have a lot to offer. I'm about 2 1/4 hours from there so visiting when I need to isn't bad.

And now it is my turn to ask some questions.

1. Cake or ice cream?
2. What type of print fabric do you have the most of in your stash? (my answer hands down is Asian prints)
3. Do you have a long arm machine? If not do you want one eventually?
4. Have you ever entered a quilting contest or show and if so, did you win any awards?
5. Car, truck or SUV? Which one and why?
6. Absolute favorite food? (for me it's lobster, fresh off the boat in Maine)
7. Favorite season? Why?
8. If you buy fabric for your stash, what do you buy if you can only pick one type and why? (FQ, Layer Cake, Charms, Jelly Roll, Yardage)  
9. Do you have a fabric budget and are you good or bad at sticking to it?
10. What play or movie are you itching to see? I can't wait for Wicked coming here in November.
11. Where do you dream of vacationing some day? (I so want to go to Hawaii).

So there you have it. This inquiring mind wants to know. Who needs to respond? Why these ladies:

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1 of you added your own colorful comments:

Melinda said...

How funny! I live about 2 1/2 hours from my home town as well. It was also small and not a lot going on. My parents still live there so I do go back sometimes but I'm always amazed at the limited amount of change.