Sunday, April 29, 2012

Shop Hopping Bounty!

The teacher quilts have kept me so busy of late that I've been remiss at sharing with you my NJ Shop Hop bounty. First let me tell you that it was a total blast and I think my BFF and I are going to make it an annual tradition. Here is the roster of stores in the hop.
Yes we went to every single one. I drove down to her house Friday afternoon and we ran over to the one closest to her house. We just couldn't wait to start shopping. On Saturday we picked up another friend and managed to visit 7 more shops on the list. It was a 12 hour day and our piggies were sore and tired but we were happy. On the following Wednesday she and her daughter met up with me and Sunshine in the northern part of the state to finish up. I'm sad to report that neither of us won any prizes this time. Darn!

But I did come home with this pile of loot.
I bought at least 1 thing in every single store. Most placed I did more, much more. In all those bags was this.
In the NJ Shop Hop you can buy a pack of fabrics in the current year's theme Veggies from each shop (this year 6" x 18" strips; previous years (8) 8" blocks) and you received the free pattern for each shop's own quilt designed and made with those specific fabrics. Here are all the patterns this year. You can see all the finished quilts here.
With the fabric packs, you can make any of the quilts. I've narrowed down my choice between this one (perhaps with a different background and slightly different color arrangement)
or this one, with different border fabrics. I'm not keen on the ones they used.
I picked up a few notions, a spool of Aurfil thread because I want to try it (no one around here carries it), and a Swoon pattern. My BFF also bought me (and herself of course) 2 new pair of quilty socks. I bought the 1st two pair for each of us. That day happened to be the 6th anniversary of the 1st day we met.
Old City Quilts had this bag made with Asian fabrics hanging in their window and it caught my eye. I've never made any sort of bag before but I want to make this one. Instead of similar Asian prints, I chose prints from Valley of the Kings line by Robert Kaufman. LLLOOOVVVEEE IT!
I picked up this little gem table runner kit at The Village Quilter. It was a great price. Include is the magazine that contains the pattern, the fabrics for the top as well as the backing and binding fabric and the batting too.
I bought just a little bit of fabric. The panel will be used to make something special for hubby's train room.
Just look at all these lovelies! There are only 9 new Asian pieces, 2 of which are the same print in different color ways bought at 2 different stores and I didn't even know until I unpacked it all today. A couple of new Halloween pieces and 2 new Ghastlie coordinates. I was actually shocked that I didn't see more Ghastlies anywhere. Plus I picked up a few miscellaneous bits. The bigger roll is 2 1/8 yards end of bolt that was on sale plus 20% off. $4.23 per yard! Now that is what I call a bargain.
Here are all the fabric packs from all the stores. (Darn Blogger sideways upload again!) What would you do with all of them?
And here are all the cute veggie buttons that came with the fabric packs. Aren't they adorable? I have no clue what I will do with them but for now they are sitting right next to the flower buttons from last year's shop hop. The right project for them will come to me some day.
If every you get the chance to do this shop hop, I highly recommend it. It was a ton of fun. No, I take that back. Don't do this shop hop! One less person I'd have to compete against for the big prizes.