Friday, February 24, 2012

My 1st QAL

I need another project on my "To Do" list like I need a hole in my head but guess what, I'm doing this one anyway. I've been sorely tempted many times to join in other QALs but have resisted because I really want to get done some of the projects that I already have in the works. So what is different about this one that made me decide to jump on board?

Well, here's the story. I have a box full of fabrics that were my grandmother's. My mom gave them to me when they cleaned out her apartment after she passed away. Unbeknownst to me, my gram used to make Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls. Knowing that I'm a true crafter at heart and would probably find something to do with the fabrics, mom gave them to me.

Since I was working on the plans for the kiddos' 100 Good Wishes Quilts and was sad that my gram wouldn't be able to contribute, these came to me at just the perfect time. Gram may not have been able to pick out a fabric to contribute herself but at least she was able to be included in the finished quilts. This is what I have.
Don't they look so right for Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls? I even have her pattern and trims so if I want to try this myself one day, I could. It feels a bit strange to touch pattern pieces that she touched herself, sort of like she is right here beside me. The patchwork looking piece was actually one of her aprons. I found it very cool that there was a Square in a Square area since that is the block I used for Jammer's quilt (and will use for Sunshine's too). Of course that is the section I fussy cut as her contribution.

For the past few weeks, I remembered that I had that box of fabrics in my studio closet. I've been wondering what I should do with them. I don't want to leave them just sitting in that box forever. Then while browsing around the web one evening I came across a Granny Square block picture and saved it to my inspiration folder. It seemed like the most appropriate block to symbolize her.The idea of doing something with that block pattern continued to swirl around in my head. Within a couple of days I came across the Granny Square QAL flickr group link on someone's blog (I wish I could remember whos) and clicked on over to check it out.

After a little chat with the leader of the blog and much thinking, I decided to jump on board this one. It is just the perfect idea for these fabrics that I've been looking for. I decided to make wall hangings instead of a quilt. And I won't be making 1 wall hanging, I will be making for my mom, my aunt, my uncle and one for myself of course. The fact that there is no time table for this QAL definitely helped me decide to join in. Since I have other projects that have deadlines, I needed to not be stressed about having these done "on time".

So now I need to make a final decision about the background/sashing/border fabric, get it in house and get cutting my squares. I don't want to use white and since there is already so much white in these fabrics, I am thinking about using this natural instead. I don't want the finished quilts to look modern. I want them to feel very vintage, like the fabrics themselves. What do you think?
I am very excited to see how this will come together and then see the surprised faces when each one gets delivered to the future owners. The fact that I will be making treasured heirlooms to honor my gram warms my heart more than words can say.

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Diane-crewe said...

WELL... I would say you HAVE to join in this one.... mind you thats what I say to myself every time I talk myself into a swap etc xx

Melinda said...

I am probably doing this one as well. I may be a bit behind though. I'm planning a scrap baby/lap quilt for a lady from church. I have already cut 190 of my 250 prints. We'll see how they come together. I think yours will be so sweet and definitely memorable!

Melissa said...

That is so wonderful that you are able to incorporate fabrics from your grandma. I love it when I can knit or crochet and incorporate yarn from mine (she didn't sew very much but had LOTS of yarn and hooks that I inherited). There is something so special about creating with something that has such a meaningful history.

leanne said...

great idea to use the fabric making granny squares and to make one for other family members will be so special for everyone - and I'd go with the natural and keeping with the style - they'll look great made up :)

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

That is so wonderful that you are working with fabrics from your grandmother! I would go with natural as it was always used with older quilts!

Auntie Em said...

Great combination of fabrics! I think it's so cool that they came from your grandmother and that you are creating 4 keepsakes.