Monday, February 20, 2012


I am itching to go to this quilt show that is coming up at the Garden State Convention Center.

The Quilt Fest of New Jersey VIII
March 1 - 4, 2012

My BFF says that she isn't into going to quilt shows (thinks she'd get bored quickly, though I know that wouldn't really be the case if she did go) but I really don't want to go alone. I've attend the local guild shows solo and it isn't as much fun as it would be with fellow quilters. I have yet to join any of the local guilds so I don't have a local quilting buddy to do these things with. I have the same problem with my local shop hop, no one to go with. So is anyone out there going to this show? Perhaps we could meet up there? It has been too long since I've ooohhh-ed and aaaah-ed at beautiful quilts.

My other get together desire (and this one is HUGE) is to attend this in the fall.
Sewing Summit
I learned of this last fall just as it was happening and I sew wanted to be there with all the others. I am trying to figure out if and how I can afford to go this year. I'm guessing that with the flights, the hotel (sharing a room with someone) and meals that I need about $1,000. The necessary shopping budget is a whole different aspect too. Who in the world would want to go to something wonderful as this and not be able to shop a bit? Certainly not me.

My mom suggested that I raid our tax refund when we get it and I just might do that. We'll see. Any of you planning on going to SLC in Oct?

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beaquilter said...

uhhh wish I could go with you...
I'm fortunate that I have two quilting neighbors, this fall we did the shop hop, and I have another friend who's gone with me to quilt shows too, I won't go alone either if it's a far drive, my car is not THAT reliable, it's fine, I just don't have a cell phone and don't want to get stuck in the middle of nowhere.... but I HAVE snuck out to a show over an hour away by myself once, so....

Richard Healey said...

Oh that sounds like fun I will defiantly visit this but I um will be cheating some what I am mabe 5-6 miles at the most from their. I am new to quilting and want to be inspired so defiantly going to visit it.

Richard Healey