Sunday, February 19, 2012

First Teacher Quilt Blocks

I finally got to make the first blocks for the 3 teacher quilts yesterday. After a lot of thinking and reworking the plans, I think I've got the basics figured out.
Each block made with the fabric contributed by each student's family will represent that child in each quilt.

The head teacher's quilt is in her favorite colors of purple and green, with me adding in the Bella Solids Bleached White as the 3rd color. These blocks are 12" finished. First I made a Calico Puzzle block.
Next came a Antique Tiles block.
I think I need to find a different place for the next group of pictures as my patterned berber carpet makes these look out of square.
And for the next block I chose a Double Pinwheel.
For the 2 assistant teachers (remember originally there was only be one) I ended up deciding to split up the pile of fabrics, use 8" finished blocks and make the first one in Blues with Safari Sweet Organic Light Yellow Solid as the other color. The first block is Broken Dishes.
Next up is a simple Sawtooth Star.
And the 3rd is a Railroad Crossing block.
The other assistant teacher quilt will be from the Green fabrics with the addition of Kona Pearl Pink (so pale pink it almost looks white) as the other fabric. The first block is ???. I can't seem to find an accurate name for this one so if you know what it is called, please let me know.
Then I made a Double 4 Patch.
 And the 3rd one is Art Square.
I have a couple of books that are filled with patterns for blocks but since they all aren't in the 2 sizes I need, I'm having to hunt for other ideas. I want to get as many done as possible without having to rework the math. Yes I could most certainly do more complicated blocks but 1) I need to get these 3 quilts done on time before the end of the school year and hence 2) they need to be fairly simple designs and 3) I am sticking with only 2 and 3 color blocks so many possibilities don't fit into this criteria.

So 3 sets done and only 19 to go! If you come across any block patterns that will work for me, please send me an email and a link. I would greatly appreciate it.

I'm designing these quilts in my head as I go and I think I have a complete plan ready for the biggest one. But the possibilities keep cropping up and actually kept me up too late last night contemplating options. Sew if you want to see how these turn out, you'll just have to keep watching.

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Lesley said...

I love how each quilt will be so very unique. The fabric choices and corresponding blocks are all lovely. They are very fortunate to be receiving one of your creations.