Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Kate's 1930s Nine Patch Quilt

With summer starting to wind down, I'm determined to get caught up on blog posts and sharing pics of all the fabulous customer work I've completed in recent months.

First up is Kate's 1930s Nine Patch quilt.  I don't know if she used a specific fabric line or a variety of mixed 1930s prints but the result is a bright and colorful beauty.

Here is is loaded on the frame and ready for it's spa treatment.













The fabrics she used are certainly cheery.

I liked what I saw after the first pass. Her good friend Susan delivered this quilt to me and together we chose the panto design and thread colors.  Glide Tar Heel was the winner for the top.

All done and ready for trimming.  Doesn't the stitching give it so much movement and life?













It was another icky weather day so the photos needed to be taken inside which is a shame because they are never as good as the ones taken outside in the natural light. 


The top thread color was bold enough to stand out without overpowering the blocks and prints. I admit that I was tempted to keep this quilt for myself since it is so sweet, but I did return it to her.

I just love the texture and Quilters Dream 80/20 batting provided just the right amount of snuggliness.


The panto chosen was Flying Paisley.










 Kate sent one of the red fabrics that she also used in the blocks for the backing.  I really like this print and it was the prefect choice.











I believe Kate took this one to her beach house on the Outer Banks once it was finished.  That's a perfect setting to enjoy this pretty quilt on the chillier evenings.










Another fabulous quilt pieced by Kate is to come.  You're not going to want to miss it.  Stay tuned.

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Unknown said...

this was a craftsy/blueprint kit, the fabric series named 1930 ( i have the kit too )
wonderful quilting !