Saturday, July 16, 2022

Patti's T-shirt Quilt

My friend Patti asked me to make a T-shirt quilt for her to give to her hubby. I was happy to oblige.

She told me that she had to pick shirts that had special meaning but he hadn't worn in a while so they were at the bottom of the drawer.  She also had sneak the shirts out of the house.

After cutting the blocks to size, these were 15" square finished blocks in order to accommodate the size of some of the motifs, they were arranged in a pleasing layout.

Adding the sashing and border was simple enough and it was ready for the next step.
Loaded on the frame and ready to quilt.
All done. Thread was Glide Coin for the top and Black in the bobbin, batting was Quilters Dream 80/20 in Natural.  It finished at 80" x 80".
It's fun to see the shirts she chose to include.  I can imagine the memories these bring back.

A simple meander design was perfect.
Patti requested a Blue theme and I found a bunch of nice options for the backing.  She chose a great  print that really looked fabulous coordinated perfectly with the front border.
I was really happy with the result of this machine stitched binding.
Patti was thrilled with how this turned out and her hubby was too, though initially I heard that he was freaked that she "stole" and "cut" his shirts. Hehehe!
I can't wait to see what the next T-shirt project will be.  I know that I have a number of local friends collecting shirts for future graduation gifts for their kiddos.

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FlourishingPalms said...

Very nice! It's good to put old, worn t-shirts to good use like this. I've seen so many t-shirt quilts in my 40-plus years of quiltmaking, and yet never made one myself. But then, I'm not much of a t-shirt wearer. Still, for those who wear them, especially runners who often participate in events, this is a great way to keepsake them. I remember a friend who made a t-shirt quilt for her husband. She actually took an impression of his running shoes that she then appliqu├ęd onto the back of the quilt, as though he'd jogged across it! Clever, right?

Jenny said...

I made two memory quilts from tee shirts, work shirts, boxers shorts, all kinds of fabric some years ago. It was very sad, my granddaughter and her boyfriend were all set to announce their engagement and he drowned while out on a fishing trip when the boat overturned. I made a quilt each for my granddaughter and the boys mother.