Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Colleen's Sailing Quilt

My client Colleen has become a very proficient piecer in a short amount of time. I always enjoy seeing what she brings me to quilt for her.  This is her bricks quilt using sailing theme fabrics.
Unfortunately it was a rainy, overcast day so I had to take the pics indoors. The colors of the fabrics in this quilt were a lot more vibrant in person.
This is the "before" picture.  You can see here how much brighter the prints were.
When I stitch any quilt, I stop after getting part way on the first pass to look and make sure the design and scale is right for the top.  Unsewing is never fun but I'd rather do it before I get too far along. The design she picked turned out to be just right.
Before long it was done and ready for her to add the binding.
The Surf's Up panto was the choice for this quilt.  It certainly has the look of waves.
This is another view of the stitching which created such lovely movement across the quilt.
Colleen brought a pretty wood look print for the backing fabric.  I just love the shade of Blue.
I don't remember who was going to be the recipient of this pretty quilt but whoever that is, they certainly are lucky to have this quilt for snuggling under.
Thank you Colleen for having me stitch your quilt.  I'm honored to quilt your lovely creations.

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Needled Mom said...

Those blues are so pretty. Yes, the quilting adds so much to the top.