Wednesday, May 11, 2022

A Duo of Zoo Dwellers Quilts for Twin Baby Boys

I'm again behind in posting about my own finishes and client quilts so I'm determined to get posts up to date, even with Girl Scout cookie season still happening here. 
Before my Mom retired (a recent event that she wasn't thrilled about but needed to happen), she had a coworker friend who was expecting for the 1st time....twin boys.  Mom ask me to make a pair of baby quilts for them, with the thought of having them the same pattern but slightly different.

I went shopping at a quilt store while we were on a trip and came home with this stack.  The duck fabric was the start that influenced the rest of the fabric choices.  The colored pebbles is the backing and the Aqua print just above the White is the binding. The other prints include a cute bee and ice cream cones.
I chose to use the free Zoo Dwellers pattern for these.  I prefer baby quilts to be a little bigger than 36" x 36" and these finished at 48" x 55" .  The pattern can be found here.
Big pieces and simple construction meant the top was done in just a couple of hours.
I chose to use White for the sashing and border on one quilt and a Silver for the 2nd one, though this picture doesn't show the color well.  It was taken in the evening.
The Stars and Loops panto design was the perfect simple compliment for the simple piecing. Glide Marigold was the thread choice for the White version and Glide Pistachio was used on the Silver version.  Glide Sky was used on the backing for both quilts.  As usual, Quilters Dream 80/20 batting, my favorite, quilted up beautifully.
I used one backing for both quilts so I was able to load the 2nd top right below the first one.  I love when I'm able to do this.  It saves so much time.
I coaxed my daughter to help me and be my quilt holder so that I could get some nice pictures on a sunny day last fall.
They had already been washed and tried when I took these photos so they were already a little crinkly and oh so snuggly.
This is the Silver version.  I altered the placement of the prints so that it wasn't exactly the same. 
Mom was happy with how they turned out and the new parents-to-be were thrilled with their special gifts at the baby shower.  This picture was taken the same day but in the shade.  The colors look so different.  I guess I need to find some other places to take pics.
I'm glad to have another great, simple pattern in my files for those times when I need to whip up a gift really quick.  I expect that I'll be using it again.

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Momma Llama said...

The Zoo Dwellers pattern is one that I have used for both baby quilts and quilts for small children. Your two quilts are bright and cheery and will certainly be cherished for years to come.

Deb E said...

A very pretty pair of quilts for twin boys! Looking at your post made me realize how long its been since I've made any baby quilts -- I need to get back at it. It's always nice to have a few already made quilts put aside, for boys and girls, so when the need arises I have it ready. Your post reminded me how much I enjoy making those! Thanks

Needled Mom said...

That’s a great idea for twins and they really turned out so well. Cute fabrics and quilting design.

Barb Neiwert said...

Yes, quick easy quilts are always a good thing! And these are so bright and cheerful and it looks like the quilts will be well loved!

Deb said...

Thank you for reminding me of this pattern! I have never made it but need a couple of quick quilts and this pattern will certainly will work.

Jenny said...

They look gorgeous. I've got that pattern but havent made it yet, must give it a try now I've seen how great it looks.