Friday, July 9, 2021

Kathy's Adorable Chicken Quilt

 My customer Kathy brought me an applique quilt of adorable chickens to stitch up for her.


This quilt is for her daughter, who actually purchased the pattern and the fabric and asked her mom to make it for her. Although this would have been fun to add great details with some custom quilting, Kathy wanted only an edge to edge design.

This is what the top looked like before any stitching was added.
 Here a few of the cast of characters, both before and after.

I imagine Kathy had fun creating each of these blocks and her applique is fabulous.
I know the stitching is really hard to see.  Kathy wanted it to blend in the most against the block background fabric so as to not take away from the chicken wire print.
I know I wouldn't have the patience to complete something like this.


In this picture you can see the stitching a little better.  She chose the Expression pantograph.  I think it was perfect as the style of the loops mimics the comb on their heads and the wattles under their necks.
Glide thread in Warm Gray 6 was used on the top and Cool Gray 6 was used in the bobbin.
 The quilt now has a really nice overall texture that doesn't detract from the applique.
The backing fabric is a prairie theme gray print.
Again, it's tough to see the stitching in these pics but the amount of texture is just right.
Kathy's daughter is one lucky lady to have a mom who can create such an adorable quilt for her.



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