Thursday, June 17, 2021

Mickey Mouse Quilt for Sharon

 When I bought the Villains panel and fabrics for my friend Anne, I also knew that I also needed to find something for my friend Sharon.  Her favorite character is Kermit the Frog but after an exhausting search online, I came up empty.  She's also a big Disney fan and I found out that Mickey is her favorite character. Mickey panels and prints were much easier to find.

This is her finished Mickey Mouse quilt.

Once it was loaded on the frame, I knew that the quilting would bring it to life.
Picking the right panto was tough.  I auditioned so many options but in the end I chose Jacobian Flourish.  The thread choice for the top was Glide Empire which is a beautiful shade of Royal Blue.
All finished and ready for the binding.
The outside lighting on photo day wasn't idea for getting good pics of the stitching detail.
Here you can see it close up.  The design was perfectly playfully for this one.
The backing was a combo of another Mickey Mouse print paired with a leftover strip of Kona Gray.
I got one slight breeze photo that day.
For the bobbin thread I used Glide Medium Gray which showed on the fabrics just enough.
Sharon was and wasn't surprised when I gave this to her on her birthday.  She said she always suspected that I'd make her a quilt but didn't imagine that it would be of a character she loves.
Another long awaited quilt is done and in the hands of the person it was meant for.  Progress on my UFO pile feels really good.  There's more of this to come.

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Patti said...

What a wonderful happy quilt. You are so thoughtful to make it for her. I am sure it will be loved for a long time.

Michele said...

Thank you Patti. Unfortunately your comment came through as a No Reply Blogger so I can't reply to you directly.