Thursday, September 24, 2020

Mask baskets for Sharon

After seeing my Masks Managed posts, a few friends asked if I could make mask baskets for them. These are the first 2, for my friend Sharon.

Disney villains are a huge favorite in her house so it went without saying that one of her baskets needed to be made with the Disney villains fabric that I had. 
The portraits fabric worked well for the interior.
I really wanted to use the purple print for the outside and I'm very happy with the way it turned out.
Sharon asked for 2 baskets, one for the adult size masks and one for her daughter's masks, so this is the 2nd basket I made for her.
I chose the black background print for the outside and a deep purple swirl print for the lining.
This basket also turned out cute and the print is certainly fun.
Sharon and her family were thrilled with both of these mask baskets and I'm glad they will help them keep their masks organized.
I've received a few more requests for mask baskets so keep a lookout for future posts when I get more of them completed.

2 of you added your own colorful comments:

Needled Mom said...

Those are nice and such a great idea.

FlourishingPalms said...

Such a nice gift, and how flattering is it that your friends are asking you for them? You obviously are a thoughtful, caring friend. Enjoy making!